Covid-19 tips and health safety!


The Original Fuck You Bomb
I know im Fresh Meat,
but just so you all know I appreciate what you do,
i've put this up to help if it can, pay special attention to the self test..

[Chinese translation of the English message Stanley sent yesterday]
Inside information of the board of directors of Stanford Hospital:
Because the new coronavirus has an incubation period of 0 to 24 days, there may be no signs of infection for many days after being infected with the virus, so wait until you have a fever and / or cough to go to the hospital to know if you are infected.
By this time, the degree of fibrosis in the lungs has reached 50%, and it is too late to seek medical treatment. Taiwan experts provide a simple method for everyone to conduct self-tests every morning.
This method is: take a deep breath, and then hold your breath for more than 10 seconds. If it can be successfully completed without any cough, discomfort, stiffness or tightness in the body, it means that your lungs are not fibrotic, which basically means No infection. During this extraordinary period, everyone is asked to perform a self-test every morning in a fresh air environment. Japanese doctors treating cases of COVID-19 offer serious and excellent advice: Everyone should make sure that their mouth and throat are always moist and must not be dry.
Take a few sips of water at least every 15 minutes. Why has to be this way? Because even if the virus enters the mouth, the virus can be washed from the mouth, through the throat, and into the stomach through drinking water or other liquids. The virus that enters the stomach can be killed by secreted gastric acid. If you don't drink enough water regularly, it can be dangerous to get the virus into your trachea and lungs.

Please forward this suggestion to family and friends. I hope everyone takes care!
Wish the world recover from coronavirus at an early date.
Important Notice-About Coronavirus:
1. If you have a runny nose and sputum, you have a common cold.
2. The symptoms of coronavirus pneumonia are dry cough and no runny nose.
3. Coronavirus is not heat-resistant and will be killed at 26-27 degrees, so this virus is afraid of the sun.
4. If the virus comes out with sneezing, after a distance of 10 feet, it will fall to the ground and will no longer spread in the air.
5. If it falls on a metal surface, the virus lives for at least 12 hours — so if you come into contact with such a metal surface, wash your hands with germicidal soap as soon as possible.
6. The virus falling on the clothes can survive for 6-12 hours. Wash the clothes with ordinary detergent to kill them.
7. Drinking hot water is usually effective against all viruses. Try not to drink iced drinks.
8. Wash your hands frequently, because the virus can only survive 5-10 minutes on your hands. It should be noted that during the period when the virus stays in your hand, there are many possible situations: for example, you rub your eyes with your hands and dig your nose unconsciously.
9. In addition to rinsing, just rinse your mouth with a simple warm saline solution.
10. Emphasize enough without further emphasis — drink plenty of water!

Symptoms: 1. The virus first infects the throat, so the throat will last for 3/4 day.
2. After the virus enters the throat and mixes, it enters the nasal mucus, then into the trachea, and then into the lungs, causing pneumonia. This is about 5-6 days.
3. Pneumonia is accompanied by high fever and difficulty breathing.
4. A nasal congestion caused by a virus infection, unlike the usual nasal congestion, will make you feel like you are drowning. At this time, it becomes extremely urgent for you to seek rapid attention to the condition.
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Its felt weird washing groceries
goddamn soaping a jug of milk in the sink
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Dark Fader

[]D [] []V[] []D
1) You may want to cancel your Asian massage appt.
2) Spend as much time on the internet as possible. Dwell on the COVID until your brain is melting out of your ear holes. Keep refreshing the Death numbers until you are afraid to even touch your dishsoap... DISHSOAP IS MADE OUT OF COVID!!!
3) If alcohol kills the virus; then stay on a consistent diet of 80 proof Vodka until this passes. If your liver gives out before the COVID, at least you will be able to tell everyone, 'I TOLD YOU SO'!!!
4) Since you are locked up with your loved ones, this is an opportune moment to get a Domestic Abuse case. I hear the Medical Care inside Prison is Grade A, and NOBODY is infected.
5) Save Water - Use urine and spittle to mop your floor.
6) Smoke as many cigarettes as possible until this passes.

And last, but most important - JESUS SAVES!
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On a more serious note,

Bookmark this. When the doubling time of deaths* gets above 3 days, we will have begun to get past the runaway period of the pandemic.​
Note the current doubling times for China (35 days) & South Korea (12 days).​
*not cases, which can be underdiagnosed​
Here's why you should track deaths per day. Death by coronavirus is unmistakable, & occurs by sudden respiratory distress. Easily identified.​
Cases are distorted because testing is still coming online. Increasing caseloads can demonstrate spread - or effective medical response.​
Median time from infection to symptoms is 5 days. When death occurs, it does so 14 days after first symptom, on average. 5+14=19 days.​
So we might *start* to see a slowdown 3 weeks after shelter-in-place directives go into effect.​

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Where's the bloody scientists with their vaccine , jesus christ if there was ever a time, its fucking now! are they literally at home drinking coffee


Lovely and deadly


The Original Fuck You Bomb
Dude, if you live in America, yer rights and freedoms get stomped on every day by politics and petty ass police officers,
best thing to do is hunker down and wait for the shit storm to end,
and gawd willing you dont become a part of that shit show...
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