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In Africa, a doctor told the people that if they had sex with a virgin, AIDS would go away. Well now 2 month old Suzie has no lower have because some dick decided to fuck her to get rid of AIDS. The sad part is.....she's still alive.


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In Africa, a doctor told the people that if they had sex with a virgin, AIDS would go away. Well now 2 month old Suzie has no lower have because some dick decided to fuck her to get rid of AIDS. The sad part is.....she's still alive.


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(Steve Swindells, Reuters, 02 Dec 2003)
[COMMENT: This story was called to my attention when I received an email from a friend in Cape Town. Here is what he said: You may have already heard that there is a myth in South Africa that having sex with a virgin will cure AIDS. The younger the virgin, the more potent the cure. This has led to an epidemic of rapes by infected males, with the corresponding infection of innocent kids. Many have died in these cruel rapes. Recently in Cape Town, a nine month old baby was raped by 6 men.]

Babalwa Tembani is proof that the myths surrounding AIDS can be as deadly as the epidemic itself. When she was 14, she was raped by an uncle who thought he could cure himself of the disease by having sex with a virgin. . . . The crime left Babalwa, now 21, HIV-positive and dependent on antiretroviral AIDS drugs to prolong her life. . . . The myth that sex with a virgin is a cure for HIV/AIDS is one of many that make the fight against an epidemic that has struck 40 million people worldwide -- nearly two-thirds of them in sub-Saharan Africa -- even more difficult. . . . South African-based health workers and researchers point to other myths that undermine efforts to encourage condom use, one of the key planks in public health campaigns to promote safer sex. . . . These include the belief that condoms have been deliberately infected with the virus by foreign governments or aid organisations or even African governments intent on killing their own people. . . . Researchers also point to myths that AIDS is caused by witchcraft and HIV is transmitted by touch, both of which fuel the stigma and ignorance surrounding the disease. . . . But perhaps the biggest myth remains the belief that AIDS can be cured or that it always happens to someone else. . . . The belief that HIV/AIDS is a problem limited to drug users and homosexual men is also common. . . . A survey of 260 African truck drivers showed that over a third of respondents believed that sleeping with a virgin could cure the disease, putting girls and young women at great risk. . . . These are obstacles that still urgently need to be overcome in sub-Saharan Africa, the epicentre of the global AIDS epidemic. . . . efforts need to be maintained to provide people with accurate information regarding HIV/AIDS and to dispel the myths as they arise.” . . . That is what South Africa’s Love Life group ( aims to do by educating young people about the disease and sexual health matters. . . . Love Life carries the message that young people in South Africa have a greater probability of getting HIV than young people anywhere else in the world, and that more than half of today’s teenagers will have HIV before they are 25 if they do not practice safe sex.

Sleeping with a virgin is a traditional African cure for curses and illness. Now it is being used as a cure for AIDS which of course only infects the young girls.

Nassir hesitantly admits he slept with a nine-year-old girl because the clan elders in Isiolo, 200 km (124.3 miles) northeast of Kenyan capital Nairobi, said it would rid him of frequent bouts of illness brought on by HIV.

“I was given a girl of nine years to sleep with for a week,” Nassir said. “I took pity on her but if it wasn’t for this disease I wouldn’t have slept with her…I had to do what the elders had said.” …

After the ceremony, which includes gouging out a goat’s heart while it is still alive, the people of the village engage in a sexual orgy intended to help a son or brother cleanse himself.

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Cases of young girls being abused by elderly men are rampant. There are allegations that those men would be sleeping with virgin girls as a cure for AIDS. Interestingly, interviews with some local people yielded different revelations. It was reported that because of poverty, the young girls get into sexual relationships with older men for material benefits. These men would give the young girls money and gifts in exchange for sex. In some instances where the girls would refuse the sexual advances this would result in rape.

Reuters, Feb. 17

MADRID—Two Kenyan boys whose penises were cut off to be sold for making anti-AIDS potions have had them reconstructed in Spain, the doctor treating them said.

The adolescent boys, from a remote region near the border with Uganda, were mutilated after being given drugged food or drink by strangers.

“They had attacked them to cut off their penises to sell … for making a type of potion which according to a local belief cures AIDS,” Doctor Pedro Cavadas, from the Levante Rehabilitation Center told radio station Cadena Ser.

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