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Crappy Virus Dectecter thingy


God, i'm bored!
God, I hate my new virus checker. It doesn't work and it cost me £35. I don't actually think its the checker more the damn network restriction thing blocking every uni hall connected to the internet to do any basic thing.

I asked them why it wasn't updating itself and they reckon its my computer, like fuck it is. They just don't wan't to take the blame. If I get a virus and its craps my computer up, there buying me a new one.


Brain Spout

Wizard No More
I got Norton Internet Security, I like it, i think it is like $60, but you can get rebates if you own an earlier version or an earlier version came with your computer (check to make sure though it may have expired/you might not have enough proof), but it works great, updates online, protects agianst spreading threats, has a good firewall. i like it a lot.
AVG actually doesn't work very well for me. I run that and Spybot and find myself having the same problem programs reinstall themselves over and over.
Virus scanner thingy. Technical are we? :)
I just use norton system works 2005 With umm I think its norton internet Security