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crazy ass mom

el crotcho

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who wants to bitch about their mom, i do

my mom has officially lost her marbles, a little while back i was running my cable for my internet across the floor of my room, and my mom yelled at me to pick it up. i told her i would when i was done with it. then she was like NO! you will pick ths cable up, and once again i said i would. and one more time she was like PICK IT UP!, so i ended up just shutting the door right in her face
Do you live with your mom?

If so, you should show her more respect. Actually, you should show her respect regardless of where you live. I’m guessing you mom pays the bills. Therefore, she deserves to be listened to. She doesn't deserve to have a door slammed in her face.

I’m sure she didn’t mean to be a bitch at you or whatever. Most likely she just didn’t want you to trip over the cable, or screw anything up. I’m sure it pissed you off, as it would most kids, but you shouldn’t let it get to you. Next time, instead of slamming the door in her face, try asking her "what the deal is". This way, she knows it bugs you, and you know why she yelled at you. :thumbsup:

On second thought, I don’t know your mom, nor your situation. So, WTF does it matter what I think anyways. :thumbsup:

EDIT: BTW: All parents are crazy. It comes with the territory of having kids.
One of the worst mistakes of my life = Moving out of my mums. You dont realise what she does for you, until you are away from her.


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Once, I was a kid myself, so I can actually understand how hard it can be being told what to do all the time. (Im not that old yet!)

But, as a mother, I completely understand how stressfull it is when you have worked all day and cleaned the house and then nobody gives a flying fuck and they just make more messes.

Also, If my kid EVER slammed the door in my face, I would probably go to jail for child abuse. That is just wrong.


yea dude. breathe and think. it's not nice having your kid slam the door in fronth of your face. put yourself in mom's shoes.


I made the mistake of telling my mom that I needed some time alone to cool off durring an arguement. I went to my room and closed the door and locked it, then she decided that she wanted to continue fighting. She came back and started beating my door down with a hammer. This of course pissed me off more and I decided if she wanted to distroy a door then I would help and I started punching holes through it. To make a long story short the cops were called and I got sent to the psych ward cause they lied and told them I was trying to kill myself. It's all kinda fucked up.

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you cant be mean to your mom, cause if you do then get *guilt tripped*. ouch. now whos an asshole

el crotcho

Cooler than sliced cheese
i didnt slam the door i just shut it. and i tried reasoning with her that just didnt work. so wtf.

oh yeah im not a kid im almost 20.


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are you all kidding? elburko loves his mom...i think. she comes downstairs every 5 minutes wondering if we're hungry. she's just trying to fatten us up, thats what it is. she is crazy though.