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Headlines Crickey !

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Steve Irwin dead in stingray attack

Monday September 4, 02:28 PM

Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin has been killed in a stingray attack near Cairns on Australia's far north coast.
It was believed Irwin had been swimming off the coast of Cairns when he was stung.

"It is understood he was killed by a stingray barb that went through his chest," Brisbane's Courier Mail reported this afternoon.

Irwin was best known for his documentary series "The Crocodile Hunter".

He was born in Victoria and found his love of animals after following in his father's footsteps, volunteering his services to the Queensland Government's East Coast Crocodile Management program.

He spent years living on his own in the mosquito infested creeks, rivers and mangroves of North Queensland, catching huge crocodiles single-handed.

In June 1992, he married American Terri Raines after they met when she visited Irwin's Australia Zoo.

The 44-year-old is survived by his wife and two children, Bindi and Robert.


Oppressing your posts...

why couldnt it of been someone more deserving! like pat robertson!


Taint Harvester
Wow, that's terrible. Doesn't he have kids?

I always pictured him dying from like a black mamba or something.


Wow, that's terrible. Doesn't he have kids?

I always pictured him dying from like a black mamba or something.
Steve Irwin can handle a black mamba easily. Black mamba's are pussies.

I bet he had a long and intense battle with the Sting Ray before he died.


Original Dicksman
That does suck. Despite being foolishly uncautious, Steve Irwin was a good man. You know what they say: only the good die young.


Banned - What an Asshat!
yeah thats my *****

yeah i heard about him but you know what the time is pacific standard cuz im tired and dont feel like thinking about it....but man....this is gonna be like one of those things...ya know when mac dre died...its gonna be like that...or it should atleast...i know imma make a fuckin rip steve shirt


He has an 8 yr old daughter and a 2 yr old son. (Who will be 3 soon.) It's so sad that he died so young. I thought that he'd live to be an old foolish man since he's lived through so many close calls before. How sad. :(


Here's some information on stingrays I came across...

Though the stingray is basically skittish, and incidents are usually the result of carelessness or ignorance, attacks do occur more than people realize. In fact, statistics show that there are 5,000 stingray attacks reported each year in the United States alone, with injures ranging from minor stings to severe lacerations compounded by major complications that can result in paralysis or even amputation.

Records of attacks are typically documented by the U. S. Coast Guard. The incident with Lee, according to the Venice Coast Guard, was one of five over a two-month period from the same area.

Ironically, though the stingray has an effective defense system, it doesn’t retaliate on humans unless it is pinned down or its life is threatened. Even if its wings are partially stepped on, the stingray will generally flutter away without striking. This fluttering sensation is sometimes felt underfoot by wadefishermen and most often passed off as a flounder encounter, when likely it was a stingray. If you doubt this based on the fact that you weren’t barbed, ask yourself how many flounders are actually seen while wadefishing? Compare this number to stingray sightings, and thank God you weren’t barbed.

Stingrays if poked, prodded or even smacked on their backs with an object, normally will not retaliate but flee off to safety. Likewise, if you are shuffling your feet and happen to nudge a stingray that is lying on the bottom, its natural response is to either beeline out of the way or circle behind. Though the stingray’s reaction in both cases is to avoid being stepped on, the latter maneuver can poses a problem if the wader for some reason unintentionally steps backwards--as in Lee’s case.


Never underestimate the penetrating ability of a stingray’s barb, even on the smallest of stingrays. The stingray’s barb is designed to penetrate virtually all sorts of dense materials, including wood and sting1.jpg (25455 bytes)leather. And as unbelievable as it may seem, it’s been documented that large stingrays are able to drive a barb through a boat’s wooden planks or completely through a persons arm or leg.

According to Dr. Shipp, when a stingray strikes, it either removes its barb entirely, or breaks it off inside of the victim. When this occurs, doctors must probe the wound to make sure all particles have been removed, so the injury will not result in gangrene. In cases where the barb deeply penetrated, the wound must be enlarged to make sure it is properly cleaned.

Aside from the pain and serious laceration caused by the razor-sharp barb, which can sever arteries and possibly an Achilles tendon, a poison is released that can produce a drastic decrease in blood pressure, increased pulse, dizziness and possible shock.

Stingrays: A Wadefisherman's Nightmare


Porch Monkey
It's a damn shame that this happened, but... who didn't see it coming? I mean, we all knew one day he was gonna stick his thumb in the wrong animal's butthole. I'm sure reptiles around the world are rejoicing that no crazy aussie guy is gonna come and wrestle them to the ground for a camera.

eh what?

Quietly watching
Steve will be missed by alot of people, i'm sure in Australia there are massive tributes going on.

apparently the sting went through his chest which would be why it was so quick and deadly


Teh undead Dodo!
I head about that!! *cries* No more stupid dancing round scary animales, No more over excited aus. person!

Noooooooooooo :( :(


Damnit! I used to love his shows when I was 9 or 10 years old. My little sister is very distraught over this. R.I.P. Steve Irwin. :(


You're my number two
Though we all enjoyed watching comedians mimic him, and poked fun at him for his activities on his shows, you have to admire a man that had so much passion for the thing he loves. Steve loved wild life, and lived his life to bring the habits of the Australian wild life into the living rooms of people world wide. He did the things that nobody else wanted to do, for our education, and entertainment.

I suppose it's fitting that he died doing what he loved. That is an epitaph that we could all appreciate. Far more fitting than having a heart attack in rush hour traffic, or being killed in a car wreck.

I was not the Crock Hunter’s biggest fan. I didn’t watch an awful lot of his programs. But he will be missed, and my condolences go out to his widow, and surviving children. I’m sure they’ll grow up to remember a father that was unafraid to follow his dream, even when it took him into the face of danger.


Banned - What an Asshat!
I was, going to photoshop a picture about this topic, but it is both inappropriate (like thats ever stopped me) and I am too lazy to find a good photo..

May you be warned : Don't pin down a sting ray and play with its stinger..


Fresh Meat
You'll Always be Remembered Steve

RIP Mate..

I grew up during the 90's and watched his show and seen him on all sorts of shows. Very proud to be an aussie when I saw him on American shows and its great to see how much the rest of the world loved him too..

My thoughts go to his wife and 2 children..

Sad day...
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