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I heard this statistic, that as long as proffesionals have been swimming 3have been stinged, in written history...

Steve only died because it went trough his heart, then he took it out,and immediatly died...

I just feel so sad right now..:(
I just find the whole thing ironic really.

I never expected it to be a stingray. A crocodile maybe. Mauled by a lion, sure. But not a stingray.

And in addition to what you just said, Stardust, the stingray has a poisonous barb on it's tail. The poison had immediate access to his bloodstream.


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And in addition to what you just said, Stardust, the stingray has a poisonous barb on it's tail. The poison had immediate access to his bloodstream.

But this stingray wasnt poisonus :S


'Funeral held' for Steve Irwin
The funeral of TV naturalist Steve Irwin has taken place in Queensland, Australian media has reported.
Family and friends of the man known as the Crocodile Hunter reportedly joined the low-key ceremony in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast.

It is believed that afterwards Mr Irwin was to be buried at Australia Zoo, the Queensland zoo dedicated to Australian fauna owned by Mr Irwin's family.

Details of the funeral service are expected to be made public on Monday.

Public memorial

"(The) service was a service for family and good friends, people who were close to Steve in recent years," the Brisbane-based Sunday Mail newspaper quoted an unidentified family friend as saying.

"The council gave the family permission to bury Steve at the zoo and we think they're going to erect a monument there so visitors can continue to pay their respects," the person added.

Mr Irwin's friend and manager John Stainton told CNN that a memorial service open to members of the public would be held at a later date.
The Australian government had offered a state funeral for the much-loved TV presenter who died in a stingray attack on Monday, but the family chose a small, private ceremony instead.

"He's an ordinary guy, and he wants to be remembered as an ordinary bloke," Steve Irwin's father Bob said.

Mr Stainton said Mr Irwin's wife, Terri, and the couple's two children - Bindi, eight, and Bob, two - were coping "quite well".

"Terri is very, very strong," he said. "She's having a lot of sad moments obviously, but she's putting on a brave face for the kids' sake."

The 44-year-old naturalist died after being struck in the chest by the stingray's barb while filming a documentary on Queensland's Great Barrier Reef.

Donations have flooded into Mr Irwin's charity Wildlife Warriors, while flowers, cards and trademark khaki shirts have been left at the Australian Zoo he ran.

Story from BBC NEWS: Here

Published: 2006/09/10 00:37:42 GMT



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The weekend cable casts were filled with special broadcasts about Steve and his family. I wasnt sure how many of his shows I had missed till this past weekend. I didnt get anything done but I almost caught up on watching Steve. I also learned there were many sites that crashed from all the hits of people around the world sending their condolences. :thumbsup:

On a side note; Another thinbg that I find ironic is that now when his family has to go through such a tragic thing the media barely mentioned anything about how much they slammed him for the scandal they caused when all he was doing is teaching his baby son about crocs.
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