Crossing Love


Trance Addict
When the passion's there but it just can't happen...

"Crossing Love"

Why have I met you now?
This transitioning time
where life is meaningless
and time moves on.
There's no hope except
for that which we've instilled
upon each other.
Brutally we torture ourselves
through the eventful lives
of our youthful schedules.
No time.
No time to live.
I observe from the outside
and how ironic it is!
I wish not to embrace your lifestyle;
however, I'd escape my carefree habits.
That balance
...somewhere in between.
Frustration and aspiration
are what feed
this passion we have developed.
Two strangers caught by a glimpse
but lost in the following moments.
Infinite but opposite paths
which cross for a moment
and disappear the next.
I'll miss you when your gone.