Headlines Cuba Ends Use of Dollars in Businesses


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Associated Press

HAVANA - Moving to wean its communist economic system from the U.S. currency, Cuba said that dollars will no longer be accepted at island businesses and stores in a dramatic change in how commercial transactions have been done here in more than a decade.

The resolution announced Monday by Cuba's Central Bank seemed aimed at finding new sources for foreign reserves and regain more control over its own economy as the U.S. government steps up efforts to prevent dollars from reaching the island as part of a strategy to undermine Fidel Castro's government.

Cuba's national currency, the peso, cannot be used with international partners.

"Beginning on November 8, the convertible peso will begin to circulate in substitution of the dollar throughout the national territory," Castro said in a written message read by his chief aide Carlos Valenciaga.

In his message, Castro asked Cubans to tell relatives living abroad to send them money in other foreign currencies, such as euros, British sterling or Swiss francs.

The move was likely to hurt mostly those Cubans who receive American dollars from relatives living in the United States.
What a joke.

If it wasn't for family members sending money INTO Cuba, they'd have no economy at all.

This NO Dollars thing will be gone in no time.

Castro is an old fool who's screwed the people of Cuba for all these years. It's sad that they STILL can not rise up against him...


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You need to fucking respect Castro, he saved Cuba from one of the most evil tyrans the country ever had, Baptista.. He's an anti-imperialist with balls of steel.

And the US relatives that send US dollars can just go to the bank and change their dollars for euros or sterlings instead, what's the big deal ?


That sucks. No more U.S.Denaro..[(sp)im not Cuban,geht over it]
I guess I'll have to use Food Stamps to pay for those yummy "Lewinski" Cigars.


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FUCKING THANK YOU....i was starting to think that everyone was brainwashed with that anti castro bullshit. Hes been trying for years to keep us out of there...and they still defy him buy putting a fucking base up... i understand that hes not doing the best job running that country..but at least he never sucked the U.S's dick to get ahead...the only problem is that he twisted the original ideal behind the revolution to his own gain...still think they would have been better off with Che.


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bigck3000 said:
FUCKING THANK YOU....i was starting to think that everyone was brainwashed with that anti castro bullshit.

not me, i think its kinda funny how Cuba's healthcare system utterly and completly owns ours to every extent possible ever.

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