Cunt attitude

Sylvia allen

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Hey there, help me here please. I am learning more English. Someone just told me that he is starting to dislike me because of my cunt attitude! Please help a sister understand this better
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The Original Fuck You Bomb
So call him a tootsie roll dick,
or at least that's what you heard in the ladies room if that's where you go pee at that is,
better yet, tell him at least you're STD free and you don't need to look up medicine for that droopy drippy dick.
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There's a very good chance that I don't care.
Not much help being offered so I'll clue you in. Western women are almost completely ruined. They've been handed every pleasantry from security to technology and their instinctual need for MORE (mostly based on child rearing) has corrupted what little ability they have to reason. There is no top to the western female 'want' ladder. But don't things progress we will be devolving back...closer to the state of nature and women will revert back to subconsciously wanting more natural things like food, shelter and freedom from rape (securing a strong male). So ARE being cunty but that's okay. That's what happens to women when men have so graciously provided their every luxury. You only need to worry if you somehow carry this 'cuntiness' back to a state of nature because then you'll just be nothing but a sexualized pack mule.