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Headlines Dad: Marine felt mission 'a bit fruitless'


Seeker of Truth
Marines Iraq or Create Your Own (CNN) -- The father of one of the Marines killed this week in Iraq said his son felt the U.S. mission was "a bit fruitless," because insurgents always returned after the military flushed them out.

"Every operation would be a week or two out in the field at some loss of life or at least wounded," said Paul Schroeder, father of 23-year-old Lance Cpl. Edward Schroeder II, who died Wednesday.

"And then they would leave, and then the insurgents would come back. And, obviously, they were back in Haditha, which was supposedly cleared out in Operation Newmarket in early June.

"The insurgents were back in Haditha yesterday. And his vehicle, unfortunately, hit -- struck a roadside bomb," the father told CNN Thursday from Ohio.

"So his comment to us about it was becoming less and less worthwhile, I think -- I took to mean that he was seeing that this was a bit fruitless."


Fruitless? It's criminal that we've been put there...


Banned - What an Asshat!
The problem is that there are not enough marines to occupy the places they need to occupy. The other problem is that these people are fucking pissed. Occupation has never worked. Ever. It will not work this time. We may have killed a few big dogs. but the average joe over there is fucking angry. And I do not blame him, I would be pretty pissed if I were them too. I think we need to stop fucking around with flat out open warfare and occupation of a land that has existed at least ten times longer than us, and just kill the fucking terrorists. What is so hard about that?