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I've been having a lot of negative energy lately. Not sure exactly what it is... just been in a bad mood. I've also been having a lot of vengeful thoughts against people I used to know... This is unusual for me, I'm usually not a vengeful person. Anyway, this sort of sets the tone for my story.

Daddy Dearest.

All of these years of silent agony have lead up to this moment. Kara knew that this day marked the end of her suffering. It was she who would be inflicting the suffering, now. Slowly she walked down the stairs to the basement. Her heart pounded in her chest and she began to sweat nervously as she made her way down the darkened staircase, emotions from years of torment and abuse welling up inside of her. At the bottom of the stairs she flicked a light switch, revealing the dank, dreary basement. The cement walls were stained in blood, and on the far side of the room hung every kind of implement of torture imagineable. She directed her attention to a middle aged man gagged, lying unconscious in the middle of the room on a large wooden table, his hands and feet tightly bound to it with leather straps. She approached the man who was wearing nothing but a pair of boxers, and smacked him violently accross the face, waking him up.
"Hello, daddy." Kara said in a hateful, devious tone. "Remember this place?"
A look of terror fell over the man's face, and he closed his eyes tightly. Kara slapped him again, more forcefully this time "PAY ATTENTION WHEN I'M TALKING TO YOU!" she screamed. He opened his eyes and looked directly into hers, tears beginning to roll down his cheeks.
"You SHOULD remember, daddy," Kara said, the tone of her voice becoming more venemous, "this was where you brought me, and Christine, and Jenny, every single day. I remember hearing their screams, and pretending to be asleep so that you wouldn't hurt me any more. You remember THAT, don't you daddy? Remember the first time you brought me here? I was seven. For twelve years you made my life a living hell, daddy..." Kara's voice began to tremble, and a tear rolled down her cheek. She turned away from him and continued. "Seven years old. You were supposed to protect me, daddy. I was your little girl. Fathers are supposed to protect their little girls, daddy, but you didn't protect me at all, DID YOU? You did such horrible... unspeakable things... HOW CAN YOU LIVE WITH YOURSELF?" she screamed as she turned around, slamming her fists on the table a few inches above his head. "No matter, daddy. You're going to regret it soon enough. You'll regret everything you ever did to me and my sisters, and to mommy." Kara walked accross the room and pulled a pair of pliers off the wall. "When I'm finished with you, you'll wish you'd never been born."
She took a knife from her pocket, and cut the gag from her father's mouth. "I want to hear you pleading for mercy daddy, just like me, and Christine, and Jenny did every day. But you didn't have mercy, DID you daddy? She said as she fixed the pliers over the tip of his index finger and clamped down.
"Kara... honey... please..." Her father begged.
Kara ignored him, and forced the pliers backward at a sharp angle, breaking his finger. He screamed, and begged her to stop.
"Oh, daddy, we're just getting started." Kara said, continuing down his hand, breaking each finger.
Her father's face twisted with a painful grimace.
"Kara I'm so sorry... PLEASE STOP!!! I was a monster for what I did to you... please, don't be the monster that I was Kara... have some compassion, I beg you!!!" Her father pleaded, sobbing.
Kara said nothing. She circled around the table, breaking all of his fingers on his other hand.
Kara then put the pliers down, and returned to the wall. She couldn't decide what to reach for next, eyeing the wall like a kid in a candy store.
"Twelve years, daddy..." Kara whispered, taking down a bullwhip from the wall. She walked back over to him, and pulled out a tazer. She then unstrapped him, holding the tazer to his genitals the whole time.
"Turn over." she said. "And if you try to get away, you'll fucking regret it."
He was too weak from hunger to fight back. She had kept him locked down there for two weeks with no food, and minimal water. He could barely move. She gave him a zap with the tazer.
"TURN OVER!" She screamed. He groaned with pain, and summoned all of his strength to roll over onto his stomach. Kara strapped him back down to the table, and turned a crank on it, positioning it at an almost vertical angle.
"Twelve lashes, I think. One for each year, you filthy... disgusting... low life... piece of shit." she said, hitting him on the back with the whip twelve times with all her might. Blood began trickling down his back from the wounds. His cries for mercy continued to go unanswered.
Kara put the whip back on the wall, and made another selection. She took a long metal spike, a blowtorch, and a large hammer down off the wall. She heated the metal spike until it was red hot, then positioned it over the back of his leg. With the hammer she then drove the spike all the way through to the other side. She could here his flesh sizzling, and the sharp squeal of the metal as it scraped against his tibia. Her father screamed a deafening scream, but still she continued. She withdrew the spike, and did the same to his other leg.
"You're making it hard for me to concentrate, daddy." Kara said, then glued his lips shut with super glue. She took the hammer, and brought it down hard on both of his shoulders. The cracking and popping of each scapula and her father's muffled screams of agony gave Kara a great sense of pleasure and justice.
"One more thing before I kill you, daddy." Kara said, drawing the knife out of her pocket again. she then returned the table to its horizontal position, and untied him - knowing he didn't have the strength to escape. She forced him back over onto his back, and removed his boxers.
"You hurt me daddy, now I'm going to hurt you." Kara said, raising the knife high above her head, and in one swift motion stabbing him in the groin.
Her father let out such a horrible noise it was unlike anything Kara had ever heard. She then removed the knife, and put the table back up on an angle. "Goodbye, daddy. As you lie here dying, remember this: I'm being much more lenient on you than Satan will be. Have fun rotting in Hell you slime bag." She said, drawing the knife across his stomach, his innards spilling out onto the floor. Kara wiped the blood clean from her knife, returned it to her pocket, and calmly ascended the staircase leaving her father to slowly die.

"KARA!" she heard her friend say, snapping her back to her senses. "I'm so sorry to hear about your father. At least he went peacefully."

"Yeah... died in his sleep of a heart attack last night..." She said in a morose tone. Her mannerisms were that of someone who was grieving, but she wasn't greiving for the death of her father. She was upset that he got away with everything he had done to her all those years.

"Poor Kara..." her friend said, hugging her.

"May God have mercy on his soul." Kara said bitterly and insincerely.

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Interesting. I thought it was interesting that she still called him "daddy". it seems like a very 8 year old thing to say... so maybe she still wants to return to the time before she'd been abused? Interesting story.

- (Never liked endings where everything turned out to be a dream... but kudos anyway).

10 stars

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i Have a very cruel picture on life, beautiful story. Nicely worded, gave me a nice mental picture.


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that's a lot of fetish-ism. what a f*cked up family. kara was a bitch. her dad was a bitch. christine was a bitch. aw hell, we shoot just shoot them all anyway. simple solutions rock! :thumbsup:


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meh, it should have actually happened. i liked the story, but the ending was unexpected and kind of least it wasnt predictable.

repped. :thumbsup: