dam feministic superiority bastards


anylitical bastard
i cant stand it whhen people think that they are better than everyone when they arent! BETTER then anyone around them damned holier than thou BASTARDS think they own the world! all thheyre doing is sending a big :mfinger: FUCK YOU I AM SOOOOO FUCKING STUPID THAT I HAVE TO BRING YOU DOWN SO I CAN BE AT THE FUCKING BASELINE :mfinger: to te world. my fucking uncle just got diagnosed with a lethal disease...and some femmy rights bitch sais "oh its all for the better, he probably deserved it i mean guys do all this shit to women...its about time they got something back" i came about :mfinger: this close to beating thhe holy living SHIT out of that bitch. does anyone have any ideas about what the fuck i should do about it? i would love to know. :mad: