Damn Budgets


Flame Bait
I work in an accounting firm and during audit season we are given time budgets for each particular task that we have to do on an audit. We are expected to be able to get the job done in that amount of time. Unfortunatly the managers take it to the max and always seem to forget to include time for problems, so when shit happens (which it always does) then your screwed. So today I have had an entire day of stress because there wasn't enough time to get the job done, but it had to be done. Thus I have been enjoying a good does of heartburn since about 9:00 this morning. I think I'm about ready to explode :bomb: . . . at least it's friday tomarrow.


Dreaming to live
Quit your job, learn japanese, become a voice actor. :cool:
Or dig up some dirt about your company (there always is some) and hold it over their heads. Then get out of the country, learn japanese, become a voice actor. :p