Hella Constipated
Just lost a PSU.

My trusty Aspire 350w PSU's rails went to shit...

12v = 11.5

3.3v = 2.9

Good thing I just bought a Bestec 250w PSU from a friend...it was in my second PC, but I put it in my main one due to these unpleasant circumstances.

This new PSU is a mammoth! It weighs about four pounds, and gives out REALLY stable rails. I'll post them later, I'm at school right now.

Judging by how I am running 280w worth of stuff in there, and it's not even flinching, it will hopefully be able to run my dual CPU setup with this PSU.

I hope...

It's also totally silent, which is great. I would buy another Bestec PSU in a heartbeat.