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Dark Side of Things


Devil Without A Cause
The universe is made up of human emotion. The sounds of all the singing souls to goodness and prosperity to fortune. The meaning to life is just that, ameaning, like as if you wake up one morning to figure out that your existence here was to live a faithful life. If that faith diminishes, all you're left with is hope, and if that is diminished, then the meaning of life is diminished. While in your dreams, there might be a light ahead as far as the eye can see, just know that when that light dims and fades away, the snake that represents the dark things in life will only appear when full hopelessness is reached the max in your life. Life and love is the good and prosperous fortune that fills all our souls, remember the light, and when the concrete is lowly creeping, you always have your past. Nostalgia is another source of fortune, never ose it, never gain it, never reminisce over it, just believe. For that, the moon will shine high, just don't look at the dark side of things, always, for always look at the light, even when its dark out.



But there's one thing I disagree with though. Nostalgia... fortune? Nah. I find that nostalgia only makes the best memories painful. I avoid nostalgia, since it sort of ruins the memory. I think we should all find happiness in our present, so we don't need to seek comfort in the past.

Oh, and good poem-y thing.


Banned - What an Asshat!
Very well put BS, although personally I prefer the darkness to the light, but hey, thats just me. :thumbsup:


Trance Addict
I agree with your philosophy except for the part with nostalgia representing fortune.

Longing for the past has nothing to do with the future; it only neglects your concious memories of the present. Great thinking though. I sense the optimism in your speech.

Optimism is a great method for speaking until it makes your audience feel depressed because they aren't as inspired.