Dave Anthony...


This is rather old - from May 2000 - but found it while I was sifting thru old email, and it still makes me laugh. I doubt many of you have seen this as even tho article is funny, it was primarily a "northwest" thing. A little background - this is about Kent, WA. If you don't know Kent.. Kent is *ahem* well, Kent is special to say the least. enjoy

It is very rare that I run across a news article that has some valid cultural content. Well friends, today I have. It is not sick. It is not twisted. It contains no violence or malfeasance. What it does do is celebrate life.

For those of you that have never been to Kent, WA and basked in all its glory, this is a true testament of what a joy it would be to actually call it home. I can't say that I am from there and, friends, for this I am truly saddened. Driving through its neighborhoods every once and again I am reminded that things we hold so valuable like money for rent, reliable transportation, lead-free meals, etc. are not necessary ingredients to a quality life.

Well, on this day in Kent, one of those special moments that speak volumes about the glorious details of life was caught on film. There is no Photoshoping that could make this picture any more real. Whether it's the label on the aluminum can, the genuine smile on our subject's face, the house shadowing billboard, the contemporary style of dress, the landscape architecture of the estate, or the larger than average truck perched as it is, I have never seen any one image so brilliantly capture a sub-culture as this. Friends, if you will, take a moment out of your busy day and enjoy life as if you were Dave Anthony, Kent, WA resident.

Thanks for your time.


You can see the original article (which prompted the above email) here