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God, i'm bored!

I know i've said this before but I am now starting to get very pissed of with debt and banks, especially banks that put you in debt!

My story, hmmm...

I'm in my overdraft, I go to the bank to see if they can do anything, they say "We can cancel this months payment to us, so you don't get in more debt". I say "Great lets do it, oh, but next month it will carry on like normal, paying out?". "Oh yeah, this month will be different, then it will go back to normal".

So, she does it, 4, let me repeat 4 months later, I get a letter through the post saying i've missed 4 payments and I now owe over £800. I can't pay this £800 so up the bank I go.

"What can I do about it as I can't pay £800?"
"We suggest you look at your bugget and see what you can cut down"
"Ok, but what about this £800?"
"Well, can you borrow it from friends or family?"
"Er, no. They are in as much debt as I am!"
"Well, if you add it on the end of what you owe, it will be double the £800."
"Right, but what can I do then?"
"Well, blah blah blah"*

*I can't hear the bloke much and the background noise is really annoying!

I put down the phone and say to the woman

"Ok, he wasn't much help, can I, when I get paid, come in and put my overdraft up"
"No, as the person who you just spoke to, well the company he works for is watching you. You can't do anything. Go and speak to citizens advice!"
"Oh, thanks!"

Hmm, my liking for banks has gone down the pan.

Maybe ebay will help me!



i have 8k due on my car, about 10k in credit card debt, 1100.00 a month for rent, 130.00 monthly for cable, misc charges for food, if i was to take the train to work it would cost me 100.00 a week. i have three animals and it seems at least one of them has to go to the vet every other month. dog food, cat food.

ooo how i know and understand debt


ok, I'm not sure I completely understand. So, u have them stop payments for 1 month and they stop payments for 4 months. So now you owe them 800 pounds. Ok, so, they should be able to straighten it out or put u on another payment plan or something cuz they weren't clear with you when u came in to take care of ur debt in the first place.


sugar daddies welcome
I was just gonna start a thread similar to this one. My husband just calls and says his boss is sending home because he is sick. Okay that I can deal with, sort of. He has only worked 4 days in 2 weeks, which will add up to about as much as 2 weeks at any other job, but we are so behind on bills. he just needs to work a whole month so we can catch up, but nooooooooooooo. The weather finally works with them and he gets sick. We live in the middle of buttfuck nowhere so I don't have a job, and there aren't any anywhere close by. We have to move into the city so I can work but it will cost $1500 just to get the place we want. And with him not working, that doesn't seem to likely right now. GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! I finally have given up stressing and making myself sick over it and have accepted the fact that we will be homeless sooner than we think. Brightside--if we are homeless I am hoping the collection agencies won't find us? But with our luck they will anyway.

And as for the bank problem, they will do anything to get your money. They want to keep it "safe" but they are the real thieves. If you keep trying to talk to someone you may get lucky and get a nice person who will help you. Just be patient and keep calling until that happens. Good Luck!!!