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There was once a 16-year-old boy named Deeper in the tenth
grade. He was always acting up in school, so his parents were
asked to come to meet with the principal. While they were in the
meeting, Deeper was asked to keep himself busy, and so he went
to the classroom of his homeroom teacher where she was grading
papers. She was dressed in a tight blouse and a mini skirt, and
just the sight of her made him hard, so he walked over to her
and turned her chair toward him. He told her, "God, you make me
hard. Feel my dick!"

Shocked, she said no, but he told her that his parents were
meeting with the principal and that if she didn't, he'd tell on
her, and then the principal would fire her. So fearing for her
job, she reached out and grabbed the bulge at his pants. He
moaned and told her to get naked. Again, she was shocked and
refused, but again he threatened her that the principal would
fire her, and so she agreed and got naked. He smiled and got
naked himself. Kissing her and throwing her onto the desk, he
started pounding away at her, and she was moaning and gasping
with the best orgasm of her life when his parents walked into
the room. They all screamed in unison, "DEEPER!" and he looked
up at them and said, "I'M TRYING!"