Defective Merchandise - Return Authorization Bullshit!!!


Banned - What an Asshat!
Defective Merchandise AS IS - Return Authorization Bullshit...!!!

Look I run my own small buisness, (URL REMOVED - Feel free to post personal URLs in your sig...)and I constantly find that these fucking pricks in canada and united states are so caught up in their own political / self defensive bullshit, that instead of helping the little guyz myself they do everything in there power and context to fuck you around. Okay you want an example, well a couple weeks ago I bought some stuff from, and well when I finally received my items, I spent 5 hours setting up a top of the line computer system, installing windows xp, screwing everything in, blah blah blah... anyways got everything running 100% smooth then guess what? The mutherfucking power supply dies, I had it running a total of 10hours in 3 days and its dead. :/ Grrrrrrrr I was pretty fucking pissed, anyways that's not all: the Sony 52x24x52 is so fucking gutless, I almost have to push the cd-rw in to make it close, I mean it sounds like its going to end up dieing on me too. Any how that's not the point... Under Return Policy of their charter. They have all this bullshit about how their not reliable for what they sell and you got to talk to the manufactures to get a authorization number in order to file for a return or refund. Anyways I just think that's a load of fucking bullshit, I'm sorry but this is pissing me off, fuck the big companies, they don't care about you, just so long as they get your money and have a good lawyer, and a bullshit policy page (you basically get fucked over, and their ain't a damn thing you can do about it). Feels to me that everytime you look over your shoulder there's someone tring to fuck you over. Anyways my point is beware of what you do not know. Make sure you find out everything, hidden charges, as is products (meaning don't bother its broken and doesn't work), eBay: check feedback reviews, false advertising...please people just becareful. I am one that finds I'm constantly wasting money on crap all the time, and I end up wasting my time and money sending defective crap back to the manufactures or people I bought it from and as they state (BUYER pays for shipping, if its dead or not, of course they'll never say it straight out, they do a sly cover up meaning the same thing. i.e. well replace it or fix no problems, just send it to us and pay for s&h back). Fuck you I paid for my item to begin with, you send me something it doesn't work, you should fucking pay for it, NOT ME. I think next time I get a doa part i'll just tell visa to cancel it and i'm sending there shit back COD. I haven't done it yet, because I am only 20, as I said i'm a small buisness, based on the little guy. URL REMOVED - Feel free to post personal URLs in your sig... anyways it's in the process of being made, my moto: Xpecialist Revolves Around You, What You Need, Is What You Get. I do plan to make it big time, however I'm just starting out, I've saved a few thousand over the years by working my ass off, I graduated with honors, and well I am very eager to succeed and learn. I also like to make my fellow people happy... after all we live in the same world together, my dreams are to play in a movie, become famous, and get to do all the stuff i've never got to do: snowmobile, play with atv's, snowboard, surf, ... Face it I don't get to have very much fun, I've hit the books all my life, and worked hard because I was brought up in a poor family, though I'm not doing to bad now, starting to come together, all my work and effort is starting to pay off. I look forward to helping and leaving my mark on the world.


Unless it's Kinko's. They will kiss customer ass... I have already said too much!

But once I went to Best Buy during christmas returns season to return a cd I had bought there for my bf for our anniversary. He already had it so he didn't open it. I didn't have the receipt, plus it was over 30 days (hence doing at returns season) It had all those BEST BUY Stickers ALL OVER IT. They couldn't return it (ALTHOUGH I was planning to make a major purchase in their store) BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T HAVE IT IN STOCK!! WTF IS THAT!? Chrix just says "MAYBE YOU JUST SOLD IT AND YOU NEED ANOTHER MOTHERFUCKING COPY CAUSE THIS IS THE BEST METAL BAND IN THE FUCKING UNIVERSE!" Or something like that. I actually try not to be around Chrix when he is at the customer service desk. He gets too rude. I have made him turn around and apologize before. Now sure, I DID end up making my major purchase there (got a 32" flat screen tv) because Chrix's mom gave us a $500 gift card to buy one. Otherwise I would have bought it somewhere else over $13.99. Yea. Big deal to Best Buy. Pffft. Not when you have to work 3 hours to make that much (after taxes...)