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There's a very good chance that I don't care.
Oh hell yeah.

This does bring up an interesting question and Deftones is a perfect example. How the hell are they making money? I went from vinyl Jethro Tull to a Robin Trower 8-Track to a Metallica cassette to a Tool CD and at every step they were pulling money out of my wallet. Now, I'll just say to one of the kids "get me the new Deftones album" and it'll be imported into my car audio. Not $1 spent. Who pays for music?
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Dark Fader

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@MisterFister Bridge of Sighs? - Classic.

I'm not sure... but it seems for every album they release, Steph adds another string to his guitar.
At this point I they're just doing it to to keep themselves busy, i know merchandise and tickets are always a hot seller. I'm pretty sure Steph is happy if all of this just pays for his weed habit.