Headlines Denmark's Little Mermaid sculpture dons burka


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COPENHAGEN (AFP) - Denmark's national symbol, the Little Mermaid sculpture perched on a rock at a Copenhagen pier, was draped in a burka and a sash reading "Turkey in the EU?" overnight, Copenhagen media reported.

The coup, which came as European Union (news - web sites) leaders gathered in Brussels to decide whether to launch membership talks with Turkey, was discovered Thursday morning by a Japanese tour guide who arrived with a bustling group.

The tourists' cameras clicked wildly as the tour guide removed the full-body black veil worn by Muslim women in some countries, footage broadcast by Localeyes television showed.

"The Japanese were surprised to see the Little Mermaid veiled, and clicked madly and applauded as she was unveiled and the statue appeared," Wido Schlichting, who filmed the scene for Localeyes, told AFP.

Schlichting was the first person on the scene, having been tipped off by an informant.

The Little Mermaid, one of Denmark's biggest tourist attractions, is based on the character created by Hans Christian Andersen in an 1837 fairytale.

The burka incident is just the latest of a slew of mishaps that have befallen her.

THAT is funny...