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DeviantArt users are giving me the cold shoulders and harassments..


Why are you guys keep making me feel like a total dumbass?
Right now, you're the crying drunk girl at the bar. Jane is the mother hen, trying to keep you out of ThisIsBananas pool cleaning van.
BRiT is the day drinker watching it all go down.
And I'm the bartender giving very few fucks unless you puke on something.

Words of advice. Listen to the mother hen, and don't piss off the bartender.

Just how old are you?


She is a female.

I apologize if this thread triggers you
I am not at all triggered. I am just confused like some of the others replying to this thread.

I looked through your gallery on Deviant Art, but I could not find anything that would cause a lot of people to start hating on you. (Although that picture with that rape joke was not funny.) Did you delete the pictures that got you in "trouble"? What exactly do you mean by "pedophilia activity"? Did you get in trouble for comments you made?

You should know that on this site, a lot of us engage in light trolling of others, making cynical or sarcastic remarks usually in a lame attempt at being funny. We usually save the out right flaming for the Taters & Haters forum. If you are easily butt hurt and do not like others poking fun at you, then this site is not for you.

Also, Mr. Bump and Miss Whoops' genders weren't identified

Sadly, everyone has guilty pleasures (even the members of the do as well)
Of course we all have guilty pleasures. Reading all the crazy crap on this site is one of mine. Having a guilty pleasure with incest is indeed sad and wrong, but I suppose if it is just with make believe characters ...

My mom and my Special Ed teacher told me that my father is stalking me..
Maybe your father happens to care what his daughter is doing.

Remember that I am only allowed to talk about how I feel..
You are eighteen. You can talk about whatever you want.

Take care.