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Gaming Diablo II LOD MedianXL Ultimative

Discussion in 'Entertainment Avenue' started by ryunp, Nov 7, 2013.

  1. ryunp

    ryunp Keyboard Jockey Premium

    This mod of Diablo II LOD is insane. I don't know how to describe the alterations and gameplay changes other than: The steepest learning curve you'll ever find in a video game. And I played original Diablo II LOD.

    These authors are some kind of genius. I believe the main author went on to work with Path of Exiles itemization system.

    If you've played D2:LOD you have to check this out. Browse through the menu on the bottom left to see some of the changes made. Read the INTRODUCTION and be prepared to shit yourself. Look at the 'Items [Menu]' -> 'Cube Recipes' page... Hell yeah!


    I just hit endgame and the rewards are just as juicy as the ragequits. If you are interested in diving in make sure to let me know... I'm fairly versed with the game now. You'll have endless questions. I still have a hard time comprehending some of the extreme crafting I've seen done by others.

    They do have a forum but it's rather scattered. I've bookmarked key threads and will have to post them here eventually. Mostly of them are endgame related so I'll post them in due time.


    The best thing you can do is read read read up on the new information at http://modsbylaz.vn.cz/. And talk to me, I'm a veteran. :cool:

    There is a few steps to get the setup correct. If there is any issues along the way stop and ask. The process is basically updating Diablo II LOD to a version below the current (mod comparability), installing a mod manager, and extracting the mod data into the Mod Manager's folder:

    Installation Instructions
    1. Install Diablo II: LOD (If not installed)
    2. Download and install patch 1.13c, not the latest 1.13d. (Source)
    3. Download & install PlugY 10.0 (Info) - Quick & Easy install, same with D2SE...
    4. Download & install the mod managing program: D2SE Modmanager 2.2.0 (Info)
    5. Download the Median XL - Ultimative mod zip file: Download Link
    6. Extract the download into Diablo II\MODS\ (created by D2SE Mod Manager)
    7. Run Diablo II\D2VidTst.exe to utilize Glide-wrapper (Installed with D2SE I believe)
    Whats Happened So Far

    At this point you should now have D2SE, MODS, and PlugY folders in Diablo II\ as well as the extracted MODS\Median XL - Ultimative\. A few files were added to the root Diablo II\ as well.
    From now on use D2SE.exe as the launcher (you'll see why).

    Side Note: D2SE is designed to leave all your original game files alone, and save character data separately per entry on it's mod list. That means vanilla version and mods do not share character data; for good reason. When it loads a list entry it will load the corresponding Patch_D2.mpq file over the original (which has most of the game alterations). Save locations (always good to know):

    Using D2SE......Version.........................Save Location
    No.................Original (Game.exe)........Diablo II\save
    Yes................Vanilla 1.xx....................Diablo II\D2SE\CORES\1.xx\save
    Yes................Median XL Ultimative.......Diablo II\MODS\Median XL - Ultimative\save

    Wait, Glide wrapper? Hold up what is this shit we're installing...
    When Diablo II launched it essentially had hardware acceleration from one graphics card - 3DFX VooDoo series. No longer are those around so a person created a 'wrapper' program around the Diablo II game window to take the old 3DFX Card command calls and translate them into OpenGL commands for everyone to utilize. You still need a discrete graphics chip, keep in mind. Otherwise the game will be forced to render via software (CPU, not GPU).

    Glad you asked!

    D2SE Configuration


    If you don't see the Ultimative mod on the list scroll down. This shows 2 extra between vanilla's and Ultimative 1.13c that you won't have (an earlier version and a experimental display version).

    Configure the Display Options before playing; there are many options such as resolution, windowed/full, mouse capture, etc. I highly recommend windowed mode, as you can see it checked on the screenshot. Next click the Configure Glide button on the top right. Guten Tag! Don't fret! Turn all that Deutsche into English by hitting the button towards the bottom.

    Click on the "settings" button. You will have an arsenal of options to look at. What I recommend:

    Now click on the "renderer" button. I bumped up the Texture-Memory and Texture-Buffer to the max. If you have graphic issues lower them down a bit:

    Playing The Game!
    A bit of a lengthy setup, but it's all worth it. Now it's just a one click launch with Glide providing better, faster, smoother graphics at scaled up 1024x768 in windowed mode without fucking up your screen resolution. Yeah dude.

    Just make sure 'Median XL Ultimative' mod is selected and click the "Start Plugin" at the very top.

    Now the hard part - becoming familiar with the new game mechanics. I recommend reading over all the different pages to get an idea of whats new. Some KEY new features is the utilization of the Horadric Cube - it is a critical component in item crafting later in the game.

    The real game starts at endgame when you beat the 2nd difficulty mode. So it may be a tad slow leveling up to about 50 when things speed up, then up to around 90-120 when you'll beat the 2nd difficulty. There are a bunch of 'challenges' along the way, but you'll get there in due time.

    I'm always available for TCP/IP multiplayer and Steam/Mumble/Ventrillo voice chat to give out some bomb twink gear and help you along. It is way more fun with some help.

    Oh and I have ...access to... a PVPGN Open BNET server running that we can all join up on. As long as we all have the same version/mod running we can mingle! Chat rooms and all!

    Showing off the sweet AoE proc on my bow. The colors and saturation of spells in this Glide mode combined with new spells and effects from Ultimative's additions make quite the show:

    Game running stretched 1024x768. Make sure and 720p full screen that beotch for full qual.
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    Last edited: Nov 7, 2013
  2. MadHatterMad

    MadHatterMad a.k.a. ZoeMonster

    New changes to D2? I...will be there!
  3. -=iNsANe=-ADJ

    -=iNsANe=-ADJ I once ate broccoli

    I stopped playing D2 because it made me become an equipment junkie. That had repercussions even on my playstyle in Skyrim: I always want the best fucking gear.
    I don't know if I want to be like a heroin addicted again lol
    Please tell me more!
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  4. HabitatSkater

    HabitatSkater Metal For Life.

    That's with any RPG game. Getting the best gear is what makes it fun.
  5. MadHatterMad

    MadHatterMad a.k.a. ZoeMonster

    Nothing like having a level 99 toon and no gear to make them awesome-sauce.
  6. HabitatSkater

    HabitatSkater Metal For Life.

    Shit when I played WoW I considered my toon "complete" when I had the top tier gear set and cleared all the raids.
  7. Dark Fader

    Dark Fader []D [] []V[] []D

    it still runs at it's native framerate ... 25fps, or so.
    My eyes literally melt out of my head trying to play this. Even when switching the rendering.
  8. -=iNsANe=-ADJ

    -=iNsANe=-ADJ I once ate broccoli

    Not when you start wanting EVERY power-gear, for you and your mercenary. And DiabloII is full of custom power gear.
    That's why I didn't complete LOD :p

    omg I've got the installation discs in my hands...
  9. ryunp

    ryunp Keyboard Jockey Premium

    This mod re-imagines the game. Faster paced, AOE centric mob killing, cube recipes to utilize item alterations, tiered gear (1-6), way too much stuff to list or explain. The depth added is insane. Read up on some of the documentation on his site, he covers all the changes and capabilities of his mod.

    The site uses iframes and is a bit funky at first. The menu is on the bottom left that spawns a sub menu above it. It is a great resource for Cube Recipes, Monsters, Uberquests, Challenges, everything.

    Go to http://modsbylaz.vn.cz/ and click the INTRODUCTION link. Read about the changes. This is no longer the old Diablo II LOD slow ass grind fest it used to be. It's now a supercharged AOE explosion of amazing challenging endgame depth.

    If you guys are interested I will link you a page with instructions for getting it all setup. There is a few things to install with it. There is graphic enhancements, and scaling up to 1024x768, which I do, in windowed mode. Glide wrapper will give the hardware acceleration previously limited to 3DFX Voodoo series cards a port to OpenGL. Anyway, it looks better, plays smoother, scales up (though past 1024x768 looks too pixely) and with the mod feels like a new game. IT IS THE TITS.

    As I mentioned before, I can also stream gameplay and you can watch the crazy cool explosiony fun. Actually I'll go record some gameplay link you on youtube.
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2013
  10. -=iNsANe=-ADJ

    -=iNsANe=-ADJ I once ate broccoli

    I'm reading, and I'm amazed.
    What did you say about installation tips?
  11. ryunp

    ryunp Keyboard Jockey Premium

    I've added a setup guide to the original post. If there is any confusion or hiccups along the way let me know. I am usually available throughout the day with steam/mumble/vent/etc capabilities for communication and TCP/IP in the game for collaboration.
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2013
  12. -=iNsANe=-ADJ

    -=iNsANe=-ADJ I once ate broccoli

    What about multiplayer? I've never tried with D2.
  13. ryunp

    ryunp Keyboard Jockey Premium

    I thought D2SE installs PlugY automatically, but I was wrong. Updated installation steps to include PlugY download link and install.

    Multiplayer is a blast. My roomate and I play all the time. With more players (up to 8) the difficulty scales, so the challenge becomes intense. And the ragequits when your body gets camped by monsters becomes an epidemic. It's a fucking riot.

    Just last night we got too zealous and ended up with multiple corpses scattered around a horde of monsters who would continually 1-shot our naked bodies as we frantically tried to recover them. It became a graveyard and finally we had to come up with a plan to buy some shitty vendor gear to slowly chip away back to our corpses. It probably was an hour of absolute rage and in the end laughing at the outrageous experience.

    Happens once in a while.
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2013
  14. ryunp

    ryunp Keyboard Jockey Premium

    Been working with AutoHotKey for a while, discovered the ability to send commands to non-focused windows. Kind of cheese sauce. But oh so rewarding to script. MUAHHAHAHAHAA


    This game... this ... project/game... is absolutely fascinating. I can't stop automating things.
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  15. -=iNsANe=-ADJ

    -=iNsANe=-ADJ I once ate broccoli

    I'm a level 12 full melee barb. Give me some time.
  16. HabitatSkater

    HabitatSkater Metal For Life.

    I have made enough 99's in the day to where I can safely say I'm done with Diablo.

    Hell I'm stuck on Anno 2070 right now.
  17. Dark Fader

    Dark Fader []D [] []V[] []D

  18. ryunp

    ryunp Keyboard Jockey Premium

    Well it's a good thing it's not the old 99 cap Diablo you played. It's like saying "I played HalfLife Deathmatch a while ago, Counter-strike probably is nothing different." :fail:

    Unfortunately it's limited to 1.12a. Which means you can't join other people on 1.13c. It's more of a novelty than useful. Yeah you can see further but the code doesn't change; radius calculations still suffer the 800x600 range.

    You can add it as a separate mod in the MODS folder. If you look on my OP screenshot of D2SE I have 2 Ultimative's - Multires and Regular (1.13c). Just copy the Ultimative folder and name it 'Median XL - Ultimative MR' or something, and change...

    • DllToLoad=D2multires.dll
    Keep in mind characters will be copied - they will not be synchronized. You can shortcut the save folder into the 1.13c Ultimative if you dare, but I don't like mixing core version save formats (Although I don't think there is an issue here as it's the same mod).

    I'm currently tuning the process of powerleveling. Finding the best level range to spend in certain areas and whatnot. There are certain gear that allow a +XP% affix and Mystic Orbs that add +1% XP, but with a Honorific reroll the MOs gain double bonus. I've got an assassin dual wielding lvl 30 wrist blades +30%XP each. Pretty fucking baller - hes over +100% XP gain.

    So far it's a few hours of mass murder on cow level that seems to be the best level gain around 40+. Levels 50-80 can go in just an hour with +xp% gear.
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    Last edited: Nov 19, 2013
  19. ryunp

    ryunp Keyboard Jockey Premium

    Update: Spreadsheets! Sadly the Edit option is gone on the OP.

    D2MXL_CheatSheet.zip contains three files: D2MXL_CheatSheet.(html/xls/ods). XLS and ODS for Excel and Open Office native formats, and HTML for a quick look at the data. Row header on each tab frozen making for nice A-Z/Z-A sorting of columns on certain data. Just a badass resource I put together from multiple sources for easy access :cool:
  20. Dark Fader

    Dark Fader []D [] []V[] []D

    yeah ... i am running MedianXL with the high res mod.
    Not looking to join clans or whatever you crazy kids are doing, so im cool with it.

    Still modifying shit though ... the refresh rate is still a little screwy with directdraw, but not nearly as bad as direct3d.
    trying to get ps4 controller support because i want to play in my living room, on my big assed tv too.

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