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Banned - What an Asshat!
:mad: Ok.....i know this is a little late, but i wanna post it somewhere before i get rid of it off my profile, so i thought this would be an ideal place:

I dont wanna get too much into politics.....but i think that we need to take some action in this. Ok first of all, Bush IS GOING TO WIN....no matter what he does. Secondly, is it just me or is there too much politically correctness in this country? The liberals that plague our school systems, Senate, and alot of other shit, are corrupting our nation (its almost as corrupt as the government itself- and thats pretty damn corrupt). We can't say ANYTHING without some illegal (or black, OR chineese OR whatever) person whining and bitching and pissin and moanin about it. The racial profiling, the fact that the nobody can be an individual anymore, except for those damn celeberties (who think they have it all but they reall just have dirty money they earned by doing sh*t) Im sick of it. Then theres those pointless lawsuits- especially for that one for McDonalds. I havnt been there in so long, and i really dont like anything they got, but i stand by them when it comes to the lawsuits thrown at them. That lady that spilled the hot coffee on herself- I was crying it was so funny- and why? cuz she held the fucking coffe in her legs, and was driving, and she was OLD, theyre like oil and water- its ineveitable that they won't mix...EVER! and That lard-ass that sued mcdonalds for being a lardass. Why? Cuz he didnt know how fattening the food was, but he ate mcdonalds as a meal every fucking day for 14 years of his life and he's like 15. Holy fuckin shit. I could just drown that motherfucker. Come fucking on. Thats a load of bullshit- even if they win the suit- it costs mcdonalds money cuz they have to pay their lawyers and whatnot. It's a pain in the fuckin ass. People are such pussies- they cant do anything for themselves, yet they always want control. Ironic, no? Back to the politically correctness shit....I hate Al Sharpten or however you spell it (i dont really fuckin care) This man is a loser who is stuck in the 70's and still thinks that black people still dont have civil rights. Sometimes, dont you wish they didn't- in some ways more than others??-im trying not to be racist here but they're taking over.....the minorities are fucking taking over!!!! wtf is going on here??!?! WE're AMERICA GOD-DAMMIT.....or at least, we were- now we're AmerIslamicAfriChinJapica- Because we have bent the rules- our CONSTITUTION- the laws of OUR land....to accomedate the minorities- half of them cant fucking speak english- so they get their language on all american made products. 67% of them are illegal (and im not juz talkin bout the mexicans).... so they're trying to get them green cards instead of deporting them. and they praise 145 different gods......so WE'RE TAking (or at least trying) the word GOD OUT OF EVERYTHING- THE PLEDGE, THE DAMN MONEY- EVERYTHING- THEYRE TRYING TO TAKE THE 10 COMMANDEMENTS OUT OF THE CAPITOL......and why? because Americans have turned into huge- hmm how do i put this so that its not offending anyone.....uhhm.....vertically challenged fatherless individuals......(LITTLE BASTARDS for all you geniuses ou there) what happened to us? has that stupid thing where the loser saids "i dont care its a free country" gone to our fucking heads....yes its free, but my ancestors didnt fight in countless battles and wars to see our nation implode and take all of us with it.....thats for sure......This is an outrage.....i know these minorities have basic human rights, but that dont mean we cant smack em around a little, and if that dont work, then lets just smak them around into a tire fire or something.....or into the ocean.......we're moving from democracy to an anarchy....and fast.......I think that we need to get back on track..... do some serious looking at ourselves.....and get out of these pointless lawsuits, gay marriges, politically correctness, and liberalism and get back to the more conservitave side....or at least, just get neutral again.....we need to stop people like Al Sharpton, John Kerry, Michael Moore, etc. from further corrupting our once beautiful nation.....we need to pull together and beconme a great nation again......thats it.....thats all i have to say........... :sword: :mfinger: :gun: :eek:


Hella Constipated
Sorry, I don't like people who want to take away illegal immigrant's rights.


Angel of Death
jstager said:
Sorry, I don't like people who want to take away illegal immigrant's rights.

They are Illegal. What rights do they have? They broke the law to get here...........


Member smoked too much weed!
Yeah, but they have fucking kids over here. Throw it at the tax payers to foot the bill until they are 16 yrs of age and the cycle repeats.
They don't need rights, they don't pay income tax, for food, or medical.

Pretty good deal.