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Did I miss something here?!?

OK. I just heard about some asshole at NBC or CBS that thought it was a good idea to let Nick and Jessica have a christmas special?? What the FUCK is wrong with these people? My god..Did I miss a FUCKING MEETING? When did the national IQ Drop so DAMN low? These fuckin retards really want to let Nick and Jessica and a bunch of second class PUSSIES get there own special? Hey heres an Idea. How about an Osbourne family christmas? We can all sit back and watch Jack and Ozzy do lines on the coffee table while Sharon gives head to Alice Cooper in the kitchen all while Kelly has Christina Auguliera tied up in the bathroom shoving Paris Hilton's dog Tinkerbell up her ass with no lube!
Now thats entertainment!

Merry Fuckin' Christmas! :mfinger:


hm, somebody's gettin coal for christmas. And personally I like the idea. Cept, get ashlee simpson outta there. What the fuck are they thinking? SHE CAN'T SING!!! Anyway, I'm gadda watch it. I can't wait for it. :p
The only thing I wanna see Jessica and Ashley doing is slurping each other up while Nick stands in the corner and shoots himself in the head. That would be a perfect Christmas special for those two.