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Die Amtrak ....die!

lady victoria

Too old for this shit!
For those who are not from the uk, Amtrak is a coureer service.

I have just had deliver a new computer which I have been waiting for for 2 weeks (due to it being built), so they turn up here, good enough at 8.00 this morning. The boxes are put in my hall and he pisses off. I notice some damage in the side of one of the boxes, which contains the harddrive... okay maybe everythings fine... take a deep i open the box, still everything looks fine. So i set it up....its for want of a better word...fucked :banghead: . Whats even better is that the dam place that built is isnt open until monday! :smash: grrrrrr. Does anyone have similar experiences? :(


I once payed for a laptop from a company and i never even got it....I had to get a lawyer to sort out that shit :gun: :happysad: (company was dell..ya fucking dell)


Oppressing your posts...
Some friggin weirdass delivery company was responsable for delivering our paychecks when I was working at a gas station... well I wasnt working that day but I came in to get my check.. I was told the fucker came in.. stood there for like 10 seconds and left.. Apparently he wasnt into waiting his turn behind a lottery customer... Now here's the kicker... I called up to get the checks redelivered... Fucker put into the computer "Undeliverable: business closed". We had him on camera standing for 10 seconds not saying a word and leaving.. Had I not called they checks would of been sent back to texas(this is in new jersey) and be resent for a 2 week turnaround... I told them if the checks arent in our store and signed for tommorow we would present the tape and what happened to our corperate office who would sue the dogshit out of the driver and the company. He tried to fuck up our paychecks cause he had to wait.. You dont EVER fuck with my money...

EDIT: BTW, in america Amtrak is a mass transit train company. So I thought you were knockin public transit... :D


its kinda da same in australia lol i ordered a new 500$ moitor and i found it out side ma door with a huge frigin crack in it so i sent it back and thretened legel action so thay made me fill out these forms and shit and i got a new one lol (plus i got to keep tha broken one :cool: )