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Diggin' in yo nasty ear canals

Q-tips? How often do you use?

  • Daily or more

  • Weekly

  • Occasionally when I feel the need

  • Never

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Silly Face!
You aren't supposed to use Q-Tips in your ears. It jams more ear wax in your canal and gets it stuck. You should put water in your ear to remove the wax.


I have an issue where if I do it once, I'll do it multiple times in a row. I've made my ears bleed a few times before from doing this. It's due to my OCD and the anxiety release sensation I get from cleaning my ears. So....yeah, I clean them lots. Far too much.
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Roll me up and smoke me when I die.
I don't think of it as cleaning my ears. It's more a gentle manner of drying my earholes after a shower. I don't want to have wet ears that lead to infection.

edit (because i had a random thought in the shower this morning and playing by the rules): What do y'all do about ear hairs? Do you pluck them with tweezers or use a nose and ear hair trimmer? Or do you just grow a bush out of your ear because that's nature's way of protecting your ears? I know some of you are too young for the ear hair dilemma and I've never noticed a woman with hairy ears. Just wondering and thinking @ThisIsBananas might have something to say about it. :)
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