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The Dude
bnccoder said:
If it's a real wort chances are it will grow back it could have just been a skin tag.
Hmmm, thanks for that info, never even knew what a skin tag was before but I just went and looked it up, and I think that's actually what it was. It was weird as hell and it freaked me out. I was forced to rip it off cause I don't want a doctor looking up my ass crack.


Banned - What an Asshat!
skin tags ROOOOOCCCCKKKKK.(football fan style)

actually they are little peices of skin that look like a wart or pimple, i would take a picture of mine....but its pretty close to deh dangalang.


Strange Amoeboid Creature
I have a shit load of warts all around my right wrist. They've been around for more than three years, twelve applications of that freezy stuff the doctors have, three bottles of self-application anti-wart shit, surgery twice to take them off (they just came back bigger and stronger) and three months of smearing aloe vera juice on them. Nothing works!

But reading that kind of weird-ass shit, I'm counting my blessings and am glad they're just on me arm!