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Banned - What an Asshat!

I wait beneath the dawning sun,
my brilliance long since foreshadowed
by my trepidation and vacancy..
My voice emptied of the holy scriputure
that once flowed from my purified lips.
Stains of the past that mislead me to this place,
cross my face with as colored shattered glass.

I do not see with my own eyes the same person through yours,
a life you cherish and love in its ever fleeting existence,
only some thing perfected for you, an instant blessing.
I see nothing in the mirror to reflect the same thing,
within my own sight, I see only emptiness returning my stare.

I wait beneath the waning moon,
my granduer momentary and overshadowed
within this vessel my soul takes tenancy.
My sight dims as my eyes lose thier allure
becoming less content as the light slips.
Tears I once had fall unheaded to the grass,
and wait for peace to cover them at last.

Within this vessel I glide upon an unremarked life beside yours,
a page that was once a story now seems distanced,
only smudges to remind of what beauty is lessening.
I empty my soul to the floor all red and glistening,
and wait until I see the darkness pouring out in despair.


Thats really cool.I think(and sometimes it hurts when i do)
out of this whole sesspool of inspiring wannabe's,you and kitana have the most talent.Im not kissing ass either.If you two havent, you might think about publishing. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Banned - What an Asshat!
Thanks! and especially for the ego boost!
Ive looked at publishers, but I am a big pansy ass, and I cant submit or mail anything off (ive actually gone as far as to print and buy stamps) LOL!