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do NOT try this at home!!


Banned - What an Asshat!
i guess this should be in tally tavern.. but anyway..
from china, home of increasingly crazy news stories, comes the following cautionary tale..
in brief, do NOT microwave your cock, it will hurt..

Penis burned -- hospital to be sued
Zhang Xiaobin
2005-09-30 Beijing Time
A Mr Kang who went to a private hospital to have foreskin resection has lost more than he expected, the Xinmin Evening News reported Friday.

Kang, a middle-aged man, read an advertisement and went to a private hospital in Jinshan District on September 8. He followed doctor's instruction to take a course of microwave "heliotherapy". After one hour, Kang noticed that his penis had been burned black and was painful. He had difficulty passing water but the doctor had gone off work and he could find nobody to help him.

On the following day, the doctor tried to treat the inflammation and advised Kang to try other hospitals.

Urologists found that Kang's penis had been so severely "cooked" that the burned parts had to be excised reducing the size of the penis.

The president of the private hospital admitted an "accident" had occurred but asserted that the "operation" had been performed according to the instructions set out on the "heliotherapy" manual and it was the first time that such an accident had occurred, Xinmin said.

An official with the Jinshan health bureau, the local regulator of hospitals, said the incident may have been avoided had the hospital followed the operation procedure strictly.

Through negotiations hosted by the bureau, the hospital has paid part of Kang's medical costs. Both parties have agreed to take the case to court when a medical negligence appraisal has been carried out by health authorities.
Real Smart, real smart. Let's put our cock in a microwave shall we? Only to find out your already small penis will be smaller because of a dumbass doctor, and an even dumber patient..


#4 pretty shure there is special microwave penis machines but who the fuck puts their penis in a MICROWAVE. Those are specially designed to cook food, i guess he wanted to eat is penis lol :p.



I seriously doubt this is a microwave used for cooking, especially since the article talks about the 'medical procedure.' Also, microwaves weren't originally designed to cook food.


Banned - What an Asshat!
heliotherapy is 'sun therapy', in a sense tanning is heliotherapy.. but anyone who has tanned nude will tell you to use a LOT of sunblock on the cock.. it can get very sore very quick..
microwave doesn't necessarily mean microwave as we know it, especially considering this article was translated (badly).
wikipedia does not list 'microwave heliotherapy'.
i guess microwave heliotherapy is a form of healing wounds faster, but this doctor neglected to set the timer..
still, if i was the patient i would've noticed before it was burnt to a crisp.


Critical Update Notification Tool.
junglizm said:

I seriously doubt this is a microwave used for cooking, especially since the article talks about the 'medical procedure.' Also, microwaves weren't originally designed to cook food.
thats soooo fucking stupid, makes me cringe.