Do stand-alone throttles even exist?


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EDIT: Oh God, no! The Gravis Phoenix has no 2000/XP support :(.

New : What brand of joystick should I get? I have never really seen anything good besides CH, and they cost a shitload.

I've gone through two Logitech's, whose throttles died.

Also, my Gravis Eliminator Precision Pro's drivers are so bad that they don't even work in FreeSpace with DirectInput :(.

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I want a Gravis Phoenix joystick and a good throttle for Battlefield 2. I'm looking at the Phoenix, which was released back in '94, and it still kicks the shit out of modern joysticks...

That, and the fact that it has a button for every possible key in Descent with Parallax's own Phoenix drivers.

To be short, it's an FWCS joystick, meaning that it's a Flight and Weapons Control System joystick, a dead breed. I've always loved them.

But what happened to throttles?! I want a good HOTAS (Hand on Throttle and Joystick) setup, but I can't find a throttle ANYWHERE.

Oh, and CH throttles don't count, I don't spend $100+ on an input device.