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Do u get pissed when ppl talk shit behind your back?

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ahhhhhh its gossip kid, happens everywhere. if you hate that, try working for my company, the whole place thrives on the shit :( this was my only place to vent from them. now one of the nosey bitches came in and found my hiding place :mad: so now i can't cuss them out cause everyone will find out about it.
shit i went so off topic, sorry, ok ok beat the shit out of the kid, but it won't solve anything. just ignore it, it goes away eventually. oh by the way, what was the gossip about? :rolleyes:


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he is spreading rumors like my g/f has all of these STD's bc he wanted to get w/ her and he is saying that i do all of these drugs and shit and teachers have been asking me and it fuckin annoys me the only drug i smoke is pot and thats to calm myself down to everybody elses level


its stupid, all i say is atleast im tell shit right to peoples face, ill tell them off, idc. ONLY LITTLE BITCHES TALK BEHIND PEOPLE BACK. :mad: it realy gets to me when they say stuff behind your back thats realy hurts your reputation, like one time this guy tells my one friend (thats a girl) "he only hangs around you so he can Fuck, and you shouldn't be with him, hes no good for you and all this other shit(that i dont care to say on the internet). and i was so pissed me and my one other friend alsmost went to his house to "set him straght" but then we realized he was not worth our time, so we just called his house at 2 in the morning and asks for him for like 2 or 3 nights, well his parents were pissed and he got in truble, so we were happy, and that was that. also it turned out alright for me b/c my friend knew better and we stayed friends.


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Shaggy2Dope94 said:
i kno i do i nearly beat the fuckout of a kid for squakin shit bout me and my g/f behind my back. :mad:
GROW UP AND STOP BEIN A MEAT HEAD! The only reason this kidd is gossiping about your girlie is because he wants to put it in her!

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