Do you guys remember where you were on 9/11?

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I was in my house on my day off and I was watching CNN where I heard we were attacked. I watched CNN, NBC, and ABC all day seeing if we would be attacked again. It's like the Kennedy Assasination, in that people have never forgotten about that. But that is for a different thread. Where were you?


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i was in bed still when the first plane hit. my dad called to make sure i was okay (ie: not in the city) and then told me to turn on the tv. a little cranky still from being woken up i said, "why!?" he told me what happened, "no...kidding?"

"they did it on purpose...stay home, don't go work today or out if you can help it."

from that time on i was glued to the tv & surfing the net to read about it all day and night, i witnessed the second plane hit...about an hour later the phones were so overcapicity none were working (a quick busy signal), BUT THE INTERNET WORKED LOVELY!! all my friends and family were trying to reach me throughout the day to see if in fact i was safe, and i my friends and family in turn. one girlfriend was so worried, out of desperation (b/c she couldn't reach me by tele) came to my house to check on me. i remember my cell working better than my home phone at first, but that too quickly went to shit...emailing people, trying to text message others, it was CRAZY.

i didn't go to work that day, nor the next...i believe it was 4 days in total that we had off as a company? i was like a zombie. it was surreal, i will never forget.

three months later my friends and i went to the city for a night out. we stayed w/ another friend after going out. he lived in the high fifties. first it was odd being greeted at the midtown tunnel by a heavily armed, fully uniformed militia person...i thought i was in Mexico again! the stench was so thick you could feel! it smacked you in the face, the smell was unlike anything i experienced; smelled sort of like an electrical fire that loomed over the entire island. the next morning we went to WTC.

the sounds, the smells, the views, the feelings-
it was nothing like on tv, it was larger than life. the scene was...gut wrenching, heavy duty...the 2 foot high wall of ash that covered everything (like countertops inside stores where the windows blew out from the buildings falling), the fascade of WTC jutting out of the ground, the make shift barriers and fences, the amount of heavy security, everthing was abandonned and empty except for the many who pilgrimaged as we did, etc. i recall it being eerily still and quiet (the whole city! three months later!!). b/c if you've ever been to NYC, you know what i'm talkin' about. ;)

we went so that we'd never forget. often times, when one witnesses something on tv it's not real life to them and people quicly forget. i tell you, going there left a lasting impression on me, one that will be w/ me till i die. it was so touching, i gladly share it w/ you so that you too may never forget.


I was at Ft. Drum, NY gettting a hearing test at our troop medical clinic. I walked out just in time to see the second plane hit on CNN. It was weird, the entire clinic seemed to be dead silent, all at once. I knew immediately that we were going to war. :(


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I was in math class. I remember because the principal came on the intercom and said "Um, The twin towers have been struck by two airplanes. If you know a relative who works there please ask to call your parents." My Best friend lost his mom and dad that day.


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I was in spanish class in high school and some goofy kid I knew ran in and said...."Someone just blew up the Pentagon!"..."Yea sure thing kid....seriously?" The whole day we sat around the T.Vs at was scary as hell....GGW called it...surreal


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I was in a Broadcast Journalism class. For, four hours we watch the news coverage on 9/11. It’s was crazy, everyone in the entire school was just, stopped dead in their tracks. I don’t think anyone of us really let it sink in, until school was out. It was needless to say, a very horrible day. :(


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I was in my car on my way to college listening to some good music. When I got to college, everyone was going crazy. I thought it was a bad joke at first. When I got to read I knew it was a very sad day!


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I was in my EMT class at college.. the class was taught by fire fighters... we turned the tv on when we heard a plane hit the WTC..
and the teacher watched the fire fighters go in... and said.. "those buildings are coming down"... I remember him saying ... "what temperature does steel degrade at?".. then he told us what temp... ( I don't remember what temp it was)... then he asked "what temp does jet fuel burn at?"... it was fucked up watchin with firefighters...


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School still hadn't started yet because our new building was still under construction. I woke up about an hour after the first attack and one of my friends is going to me "Hey, turn on channel 47(MSNBC)". I keep asking why, he's not giving me a reason, then I just do it and I see that the WTC is up in flames.

First reaction? HOLY SHIT!!!


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I was in a computer lab fighting with CVS for a project in my Software Methodology class. The network slowed to crawl and people started talking nerviously as the first reports came in. Ten minutes later, I called my National Guard unit's armory to find out what the hell was going on.


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I was in school in the morning but didn't here about it untill 2:30 in an IT class and i was like fucking hell


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I was on my way to work when the report came over the radio that the first tower had been hit and then a few minutes later that the second had been hit. When I got to work they still hadn't heard about it. Somebody hauled out a television and we sat there and watched it happen over and over. No one wanted to believe that it was really happening. Then the reports started coming in about the other hijacked plane, and then reports about the plane hitting the Pentagon. We kept wondering about how many more there were going to be.

I stayed at work all day when all that I really wanted to do was just get my whole family together and and be in the same room with them. I'll never forget that day and I'll never forget the emotions that the day brought.

*walks out of the thread shaking her head with tears in her eyes*


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I was working on maths at home, when my dad came in, and asked, if i heard about a plane hit the WTC. At first, I was like "Yeah, right...", but then turned on the TV, and...*sigh*well, we all know what comes after the "and".


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Does anybody remember where they were when they heard about the tsunami that killed 100 times as many people?


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Being in Australia, it happened at about 1130pm our time. One thing i remember was Sandra Sully (news reader) was reporting on it (mainly speculation at that time), and the second plane hit while she was talking, and she could see it on the monitor behind camera (live footage not on air). Everyone here knew something bad had happened again because she just stopped talking, then they showed it.

I went to college the next day but none of us went to class - we all sat in the local pub and just watched the events unfold, trying to ge into contact with friends over there to make sure everything was ok...