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do you wish your leader was this cool?


Banned - What an Asshat!
compare if you will the leader of your country, (tony blair, john howard, paul martin, karl rove), to this guy..

not only does he dress like a rock star (have you ever seen him wear a tie?), not only does he rule a country where they 'get shit done', not only do the women of his country boast a 99.9% beauty quota, not only do the tv shows in his country fry conservative minds, not only does his country have vending machines for soiled panties..
not only all that..
but when he's out campaigning for the upcomig elections, he has what looks like a cool hirajuku girl posing with him.. just like gwen stefani does..
now i can't imagine horst koehler doing that.


In Memory...
Yeah, I cant remember now if he is in charge of China or Japan, but I watched something on him and he does seem like a cool guy. Very layed back, but still able to get shit done.

Correction: Its Japan.