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Does anybody really like myspace?


Titles are overrated...
Some bitch made me sign up for this "myspace" gig, and it's just a bunch of fat kids inviting fat chicks using porn-star imags for pictures, to trick the fat guys into befriending them, all plotted out by democrats trying to steal YOUR money.

Anyways, this fucking site doesn't WORK. I mean, it works for those crafty democrats, but I can't even like check to see if I made any e-friends that day, which is annoying after I wait, and wait, and wait, and wait, with the anticipation, "maybe I will make a friend over the internet", and wait, "maybe they will be cool and we can chill later", and wait, and then I get "MYSPACE DOWN LOL OMG CUM BAK LATER WTF LOL"

You ruin my life myspace, I'm going to send you hate mail, with horrible spelling, in complete caps, just so you know how dissatisfied I am with your performance, and concept. Oh yeah, and I am going to forward that same one to the democrats too... KTHXBAI!
Myspace isnt all bad. It is a waste of time that some people take way top seriously though.
How the hell do you think it's run by democrats, isn't it owned by FOX now?
'Cause those damn democratics are screwing everything up! My space toast just broke! its there damn fault.. /sarcasm
Myspace is just plain retarded, if anyone gave a damn about how you ate a sandwich today they would take the time to steal your journal


In Memory...
Holy fucking shit! That gay kid's myspace site is so fucking bright and gay that I can see color shit! All I can see is gray.....


From appaled to applauding, controversy.
slemaire195 said:
my little brother has a myspace.

quite funny actually, he found this kids profile and he's got to be gay.

tell me THAT kid isn't a fruit
Hey guys! I'm a 5'8 caucasian of the male gender (though i'm planning on getting a sex change). I like boys, coffee, computers, DNA models, crystal balls, and my 2005 Pink Beetle Bop! OMG LOL! aNyWhOoOoOoOo... my screen name is "iheartyou52" get 2 no me b 4 u judge me! tootles!
quite creative. lol
i don't know why i didn't see this but my old high school principal is named Mr Ivy.
i sent the gay dude a message and he told me he used to have a picture of my old high school's principal (now my brothers) but he had to take it off because he got an anonymous message "we will report you" blabla.. so he went on google and typed in "nerd" and what do you know..

third picture.

i'm curious to know who it really is.


The Destroyer Of All
Someone made me get a myspace, and people tell me to keep posting shit...

So I do...

But, if you ask me..

Myspace is total batshit chainsaw guts fuck...


Banned - What an Asshat!
Edazer said:
Someone made me get a myspace, and people tell me to keep posting shit...

So I do...

But, if you ask me..

Myspace is total batshit chainsaw guts fuck...
didn't ask..

*awaits backup and thus silence*