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Don't commit suicide.


You committed to suicide when you committed to your existence. The price for the ride is that you die.
"climb till you fall screaming off the rock" - some guy who was climbing in the coffin at the second tunnel on CO 6 out of golden. J
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Death is the only way you can reach the next dimension. Here, you will leave behind all your silly emotions.

Suicide is only terrible for those left behind struggling. The dead hurt no more.
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There's a very good chance that I don't care.
My older brother and hero killed himself more than twenty years ago and not a day passes without that act in some way negatively impacting me. My entire family (save one sister) is dead and they all died of natural causes except my brother. There is something ingrained in the psyche that those other deaths are okay. I don't think anything of them past memories of their life. Those deaths are manageable. His wasn't, isn't and will never be. Those you leave behind will forever carry an infected boil in their brain that constantly throbs with it's 'what did you do wrong' mantra. Words like "closure" or "acceptance" don't exist because they can't exist. We shared a deep love of dark humor and my last message to him was a voicemail on his birthday. "I hope you die of a heart attack you old fat fuck".
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