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dont you hate when you dont know


Banned - What an Asshat!
ok this is the fuckin problem. my problem is that i never know whats really wrong i just feel like something is missing, got a girlfrind, good friends, great family, good job i just cant figure out whats missing in my life, GOD? idk but i just feel theres something missing, i dont know whats wrong. does anyone else feel the same ever, if when please tell me cause i hate this feeling more than anything, mostly just cause i freak out on my girlfriend who cares the most about me? i just cant figure out whats wrong.



Fack Aff!
Unforgiven said:
Only every day.

This interweb site makes me complete.:happysad:

yes we know forgiven, if you ever left you house, you may find lots of cool new things that could complete you.:happysad:
i don't know whats missing from your life, maybe pop out a couple kids, then you may feel more complete, if not then they will make it so you can't concentrate on yourself so much:D


Lascivious Node

Doesn't sound like much of a problem dude ! If one of theose things you mentioned was suddenly taken away you could see that . And what's this whole leave the house idea ? Where I am it was - 38 last night . Fuck that ! I'm waiting for spring .:thumbsdn: