Dr. Pepper sponsorship?


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Ok, im sitting here and thinking about our paintball team. We are a new team name, LBK Roughnecks, straight out of Texas. there is a tornament coming up called, bunkerfest, and we are like really not all that rich and stuff so i have been looking different companies to sponsor our paintball team. Pretty much just pay for some of our stuff to lighten the load. Anyway, i am sitting here thinking and i have a can of Dr. Pepper sitting here, and i was wondering if anyone knew how i could contact the company to see what they would do if anything at all. Any help will do.


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i dont think that i should call a plant but i will, i need something like a website, or like a factory owner or something big, not so much as about the product, but about the people who run the places that make the product.


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Their Contact Us Page
How to Contact Us said:
We staff the phones 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday Central time. We can answer questions concerning any of our products in the United States and Hawaiian Punch in Canada. We have an automated voice mail service available for after-hour calls. If you are contacting us with a product complaint, please have the can or bottle of soda available when you call. We will need the product information from the container. You can contact us in one of three ways:

Contact us online: Use our online form to contact us via the Web.

Toll-free phone number: 1-800-696-5891

Address: Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages
Attn: Consumer Relations
P.O. Box 869077
Plano, TX 75086


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God wish I knew someone who had to get sponsors to compete. Oh wait I do.


you can't just contact the HEAD of Dr. Pepper themselves and ask to sponsor a small paintball team. Basically what you do is go to your local soft drink plant or headquarters of your area and Ask them for sponsorship. Say can I speak to a member of management please? Some have paper work you have to fill out. Remember to look respectable and be direct.

It is a good idea to know what you are seeking and how much money. Remember keep it balanced, enough… but not to much. Normally around a few hundred. So figure out your total cost.

You can even have multi-sponsners. One that can pay for uniforms or shirts made and things. Other can donate a one time fee or help pay registration fees You can have as many sponsors as you want.

Hit up your local Wal*Mart. They get like 15,000 or even more to spend on sponsor . :) Another good place, dinners. Small ones big ones... whatever. Try even McDonalds. Know the places that GIVE money and are use to dealing with sponsorship. Talk to other TEAMS who have Sponsors...

As stated above go asking with an Idea of what you want and are expecting