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Dragon's Fortress (Wtf's RPG)


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nicholas heard the footsteps long before the elf had warned him and the rest of the group, the horse he was mounting, which he had comandeered whilst they were leaving, he pushed it up to the elf once he was level to her he said 'they've come to close, we must either scatter or confront them'.

he fell back, slipping his wand into his hands, regardless of what she intended to do he was going to be ready, he threw his leg over one side of the horse, and as he slipped towards the ground he muttered incognetus he was invisible before he hit the floor....

the horse walked evenly with the group and he tailed it for a few minutes before slipping out into the open and stationing himself on the side of the road, this is where he saw it. a little hooded figure darting at an allarming speed through the dense shrubs, he moved silently apon the track, checking that this was the only thread to them, he began to run, so he over took the follower and caught up to the group, leaving his unseeable state as he mounted he horse..

Stop now, we're being shadowed....

the elf about faced on nicholas, and each of the otheres slowed and looked nervous.


WTF's Official Conspiracy Fanatic
Looking nervous and scared is always the perfect cover in larger battles, either the bullies rush in, or the smart ones move onto other targets, both pleased the changing one. His skills at perception were keen beyond most men, and he was not impressed with the skills of the beings trying to "sneak up" on the party.

His plan was to simply wait until they struck first, or someone from our party did, either worked for him. He mentally took inventory of his collection of magical objects, and mundane as well. He knew he was ready, well as ready as anyone can be who may be faced with people trying to murder them.

He made sure his buckler was secure while preparing to launch death from his wand if need be. He hated all this fighting in the open shit, he much prefered to have the battle mapped out in advance, but when travelling one makes due.

He used his continuous magical detection to try and pinpoint any spellcasters, he loved to take out the spellcasters. They always feel invincible until my dagger finds their heart.

This group of people he travelled with seemed pretty convinced he was a farm boy ranger, though some suspected more. He knew he might surprise quite a few of them if things got ugly, but then again, he loved surprises.


Angel of Death
It was clear to Kiay that they were now surronded. She could see pale flicker of light and decided she would rush her enemy first. With that thought she thrusted her staff up into the air lighting the area all around her. It was bright and blinding and painful for her but before to long she could see everyone.

Her fingers glowed a tiny bit and she shot a fireball off to the left, missing her target by inches and lighting the ground on fire. She no longer needed to light the ground with her staff the fire burning around them in a circle was enough.

"CHARGEEEEEEEE!" She yelled out swinging her staff...