Drawing Tablets

pissed 'n horny

Preferred Parking
I'm shopping around for a good stand alone drawing tablet. I'm not really interested in the tablets that are connected to a computer since my computer pretty much handles a lot of other crap and I'd rather not bog it down with drawing software. Plus I don't want my work space to be the only place I can use it. I'd like to take the thing to the couch to draw while the boy watches T.V. or something.

You wise people, do you use any drawing tablet? Recommendations? Software recommendations? I'm not married to Adobe but I'd like some software that can do the majority of what illustrator does. I'd also like to not spend 1000 freking dollars on the wares.

I always research the crap out of larger purchases such as this so, any first hand experience would be helpful. I'm leaning towards Wacom one... has anyone used one of these?


Rey de Currumpaw
Ive only used the wacom drawing pad. Its pretty decent, but I believe all the graphics nerds are using huion.

Wacom seems to be more entry level to me. Id just compare specs for price and maybe find some respected youtubers and see what they use.