Drill press incident.


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Working as a carpenter several years ago, I was drilling out some maple making a door (mortise-and-tenon joints) using a 1 1/4 inch auger bit, on a drill press. Now I know the safety rules, no gloves. But I was getting a blister in the middle of my palm, and "I'm a professional, I know what I'm doing".
The work piece became obsured with wood chips, so in a moment of not thinking, I wiped the chips away with the gloved hand. Well the glove snagged on the bit and my middle finger wrapped spirally around it. I was able to hit the shut-off just in time, but not before it ripped the tendons in my finger. It was mangled in a split second.
I now have full use and it looks completely normal, but for a while there I wondered if I would ever flip anyone off again.


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I think when enough thread are started....we should turn some into "owned" pictures....or maybe thats the AOL talking.

I bought a 12 dollar glass drill bit from home depot. Got home and started going to work on vases and interesting wine bottles....I didnt bother to buy cutting fluid, needless to say there was some glass dust and shards floating around then....As I worked on this really thick wine bottle....the bit caught in the hole, about half way through and a very small piece of glass shard flew up and hit me right in the eye...I some how mangaged not to blink and very gently pressed my finger against and it lifted right off...I think I let my buddy do all the drilling from then on. The only protection I had from inhaling glass dust is my "gangsta" bandanna tied around my face....I still dont know if i'm going to die a horrible lung deflating death in my sleep.


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ohh wow i dont know what worse.....broken stiffy or not being able to flip some one off


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My step dad was sawing some wood one day and did not pay any attention to what he was doing and the saw blade cut over half through his thumb. He went to the hospital and the only thing that was holding together his thumb was a piece of bone thinner than a nail filer. They stitched it back up and now it is all healed and he can use it and move it just like the rest of his fingers.


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Wow. That sounds painful. I used to work with machines like that back in high school when I built sets for shows. The worst that ever happened to me was a massive splinter from a 1/8 piece of plywood. Stuck in real deep, and when i pulled it out, part of it broke inside me. It's probbably still there, just chillin out in my arm.