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My Driver's Education teacher is the spawn of satan. I got my revenge, but I'll detail that later.

Okay, my teacher is famous for being an asshole. All the students and all the teachers, even all the administrators, hate him. He is infamous for suspending students with frightening frequency (about once a week a kid explodes and yells at him, and gets suspended from his class). He is a horrible person that is a perfect example of taking something too far to the extreme. He disciplines kids for no real reason at all. He literally suspends kids for clicking their pens. My friend got suspended for looking at the ceiling. He can never let anything go, he'll waste 5-10 minutes of class talking to the same kid about their "breaking the rules". He also threatens with suspension constantly. He literally provokes students, when he's stepped them (step 1 towards suspension) he keeps nagging them endlessly, and I must admit he does a very good job of it.

Okay, so today he stepped me for "disrupting class" (I wasn't disrupting the class at all, I was whispering to the kid next to me. He disrupted the class by halting everything people were doing and nagging me for five minutes). When you get stepped you have to sign a paper saying what you did, and why you're getting stepped, etc. He knows he can't suspend students for what he gets them in trouble for, so he makes stuff up. I refused to sign it because it wasn't true. He told me to go back to my seat, and then called me back up to tell me this: "You realize that if this continues you'll be stepped and suspended. The hammer will fall." He told me to sit down again and then yelled across the room "Are we clear?" I said "Perfectly." He never lets students get the last word, so he started to say "Well," but then couldn't think of anything to say so he just stammered "I, I, ... OK." He then mumbled to himself and went back to his office.

So then I was just sitting there, and he said "You need to participate, young man" even though I was doing exactly as he specified. He said "If you don't participate, I have a cure for that." I was fed up so I decided to be a smartass and said "What's the cure?" And he said "I would suggest you shut your mouth." I asked "Is the cure worse than the ailment?" He just started stammering again.

Later, he was asking us to read aloud our written responses, and he asked the class "Would anybody like to start us off?" I didn't raise my hand but he called on me. I said "I didn't raise my hand", and he said "Answer the question, young man." I said "Wasn't the question 'Who would like to start us off?' I wouldn't like to start us off" (I knew full well he was refferring to the written question, which was "How do exhaust systems work?"). He just stared at me and then said "You're going to be suspended. Now answer the question." I answered the question and he moved on, but then the entire class was hating him and everybody just stared at him. Then the class nerd was really anxious to answer the question, and said something stupid. The teacher said "Do you agree with him?" to me, and instead of agreeing or disagreeing I just yelled "Have you ever been with a hooker?" He just stared at me for a few minutes, blinked a few times, rubbed his eyes, and said "You obviously aren't listening" after a long silence. I said "I'm listening, because I'd have to listen to call you out on your bullshit", and the class was still cracking up about the hooker thing. The class then openly rebelled against him and kids just started yelling at him, and then the period was over.

So, I accomplished several things. I made a fool out of him, led my first ever rebellion against a tyrant, AND I don't have to go to his class for two days.

Oh, and he called my mom and made up a bunch of lies about what happened in class. :rofl:


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Dude, you're a man after my own heart! I turned my whole class against my Science teacher Second Quarter, and I got him on ausio cassette today praising God in class...IN NEW YORK STATE!

He's retiring this year, at age 55 and 480 pounds of Pollock. Why bother with the tape?

The great thing is he never punishes me because "I'm autistic." Word.

I fucking hate Pollocks...Whoops. *COCKS GUN.*


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my god... I'm glad that I go to a private driving school. (3 kids) they actully make you learn how a car works? We just learn how to drive, then get out.
That was great what you did. it has a uniqueness that is so you. The worst I can do is little things thart really piss off one of my teachers (has OCD) like drop a pencil on the floor and don't pick it up. cough without my hand over it, steal little things, ect...


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Good job! :thumbsup:

You could always make things worse for him by constantly complaining to the higher-ups about him. Get written statements from the class. Sounds kinda nerdish, but it works. If you want an even better laugh out of it, do what happened at my school. Find a Stugo kid that hates him and say, "You can turn these in and take all of the credit." There's nothing quite like a teacher getting beaten by the student government. :haha:

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billybob13 said:
steal little things, ect...

i got a friend who steals everything. the other day i left something in class and went to pick it up (the teacher had it behind her desk since someone found it. i asked for it and she said
"have you seen any of my staplers"
i knew my friend had taken them so i just replied
"should i have?"
she says
"well, they keep dissapearing, ive had 4 staplers taken from me"
:lol: was what i was thinking, so i reply
"well... ill keep an eye out for them" and i walked away
oh yeh i forgot to mention this she also said:
"oh yeh, someone took my container with paper clips"
so im just standing there on the brink of laughter (i feel like an ass) because my friend has taken every single device capable of fastening two or more sheets of paper together.

omfg, hilarious


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WizardlyFriend said:
so im just standing there on the brink of laughter (i feel like an ass) because my friend has taken every single device capable of fastening two or more sheets of paper together.

Not quite. There's always tape. When worse comes for worse, she could always just fold a corner over.


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Sounds like me in my old computer science class.

My teacher's sister died that year, so she was pretty emotionally unstable and would take it out on her students. Not only did I question her authority several times in the year, but I also taught the class about 25% of the material from her lack of teaching. We didn't learn much cuz she was always lecturing us, so I took matters into my own hands often. Once when I got sent to the office, the APs even took my side and reversed her decisions. After that, I would blatently disrupt her on one of her tirades and she'd never question me because she knew I had just as much authority. I wonder where she is now...

edit: anyway, repped for bringing back rebellious memories. just remember, certain respect is always required, even for the most repulsive and vulgar douche bags of society.


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Okay, so today I had to talk to an administrator for my "disciplinary problem". I explained the situation and the guy basically said "You know, we don't usually do this but the teacher was at fault here. Your punishment stands but this won't go on your record."

So basically this is a reward for me, because I don't have to go to his horrible class and I don't really get any permanent trouble for it.

:thumbsup: Even if I did though, it would have been worth it.