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Drivers for Laptop CD-ROM

Brain Spout

Wizard No More
right now my laptop is OSless and the only way im going to get one on is to get some drivers for my CD-ROM drive. i'm trying to put on windows 98, but the restoration disk doesn't contain the proper drivers. it's an OTI-ATAPI CD-ROM 91x drive. i can't find the drivers and if i did i'm not really sure how to install them... i think when i get to a certain point it asks if i want to install drivers, but i haven't investigated that route yet. do i just need to put the drivers on a floppy?


Oppressing your posts...
most companies that make laptops put all the drivers for each model up on thier website... thats how i got the video drivers for mine...


Eyeless Pilot
......Did you say a 91x CD-ROM drive? I've never even heard of that, and find it very hard to believe you've got the speed right... Could you double-check?

Also... It's possible to make a DOS boot disk that will allow you to insert a floppy into any computer and boot it into DOS. There are several old DOS games that have a bootdisk-making feature but I don't know exactly where to find one after all these years.
You could try Monkey Island or Full Throttle, but they're from LucasArts and are not abandonware.

EDIT: To clarify, most boot disks come with CD-ROM drivers and will allow you to temporarily activate the CD-ROM drive in order to install windows.


a.k.a. FuckTheBullShit
Most likely the problem is that you need a bootdisk with CD-ROM drivers on it. By itself the laptop probably doesn't support the CD-ROM from the BIOS.

You can go to and download a disk creater. Stick a floppy disk in your working systems drive and run the little program. It'll create a boot disk with CD-ROM support so that you can load Win 98.

To make it easier for you I went and looked at the images available. This one should work for you. It's an image of the bootdisk that came with the retail version of 98se.