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Driving in hot weather.


I was driving with a co-worker to pick up some crap awhile ago. It's pretty hot here, and the car had been sitting out in the sun, but I didn't think much of it.
We only had to drive 30 minutes with the AC on high for the engine to overheat and kick the bucket. FUCK I got owned so bad.

We were standing around for 20 minutes scratching our asses and sweating like crazy on the highway. If only I had known better.

So here are a few tips I dug up.

Driving in hot weather:

Inspect the auto radiator for leaks and check the fluid.

Check all hoses for possible cracks or sponginess. Make sure all connections are tight and leak-free.

Test the thermostat for proper operation. If it does not operate at the proper temperature, overheating could occur.

Inspect the fan belt for cracks and proper tension. Belt slippage is a common cause of boilovers. It also drains electrical power.

If loss of coolant has been a problem check for water seepage on the water pump around the engine block.

Don't turn off the engine when the temperature warning light goes on. If stuck in traffic, shift to neutral, and race the engine moderately for 30 seconds at two-minute intervals.

Shut off the air conditioner to avoid further overtaxing of the cooling system.

Turn on the heater for a few minutes, it may help.

If the radiator continues to overheat, drive the car off the road, turn off the engine and raise the hood.

Wait at least half an hour before removing the radiator cap, then do it very slowly and carefully, with the help of a towel or thick rag. Keep your face turned from the radiator.

If your car has the see-through overflow catch tank, replace any loss of coolant. Don't touch the radiator.

If the fluid level is low, restart the engine while adding cool or warm water as the engine idles.
Gay. Sun > My car.

Have a bomb summer and don't get owned like me.


Mechanic: It sounds like you blew your engine.

Poor Chump: So what can I do?

Mechanic: Roll down a window.

Poor Chump: :confuse:


Hope you didn't crack the block. Make sure to check your oil and transmission fluid too. Those need to be on the list.