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Drummer owned by his stick

I saw this programme on t.v. today and saw this really good band and I was really getting in to the song (they were playing live) then u just saw the drummer lightly headbanging in the background, he was playing pretty damn heavy too, but all of a sudden he bought the drumstick up and at the same time his head went down....and yeah you can work out the rest, but damn there were paramedics there as he must have knocked himself out or something but it looked so painful. :rockband:
Yeah, I don't think he'll be showing his clumsy ass on stage again, he better think of another career move cause with a reputation like that I don't think that any other band would want him :D


Shhh, Im hiding
Yea true that must've of hurt and I'm pretty sure he wont try that gain or try to join another band
I don't know what the band was because I started watching the t.v half way through the programme and didn't get to see the end.