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Drunken moose terrorizes family.


From appaled to applauding, controversy.
A Swedish family is being plagued by a fairly common Norwegian problem, the drunken moose

Laila von Scheele no longer dares let her children out of the house, for fear of an unfortunate encounter with the plastered visitor that frequents their garden.

"I am terrified. It can be dangerous when it's drunk," von Scheele told Swedish newspaper Expressen.

The last five nights in a row the same moose has entered their property in Ekerö, west of Stockholm. It helps itself to the fallen fruit from the family's ten apple trees.

As frequently is the case in Norway, the decomposing fruit have begun to ferment, and the result is a tipsy moose. The animal eats all it can, stumbles around the yard and finally falls asleep.

"It stays there until sunrise," von Scheele said.