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dry ice bomb


Fresh Meat
;) if you guys haven't already seen this, your missing out. heres the description from the website:

"well it was about 12 am, so we thought it would be a good idea to set off a dry ice bomb which sounds like a gunshot just went off in your ear and the echoes for about a quarter mile..we got it all on video, just for your viewing pleasure. "

go to and download the video...


You're my number two
funny shehit. And you were wise to back up. I used to work at a hospital kitchen. We got Icecream packed in dry ice. Needless to say we had similar fun with it.

Psst.........Your best bet is towrap the dry ice in a napkin. then drop it in a mixture of salt water, and put the cap on.

The napkin gives you more delay and the salt keeps the napkin from freezing up. That shit could actually take your hand off.


Big Floppy Donkey Dong
Those are so fun. We blew one up fourth of july a couple of years ago and got sent to county for a night for disturbing the peace. County sucks.


Critical Update Notification Tool.
this was fun

1) steel wool and lots of it

2) steel rope

3) fiya!

tie the steel or polythyrene rope around the steel rope, light it on fire, spin it around. your neighbours will shit themselves. watch out for stra bits that might hit your face.


Fresh Meat
hmm, that sounds worth trying....except the napkin thing, when we buy the dry ice its in 10lb we have to break out a hammer and some gloves so we can pack it into the 2 liter bottle without totally destroying it.


lexicon incognito
try one of those 32oz water bottles with the FLAT WHITE CAPS.. i don't remember the brand but they have ribs above and below the label. booooooooooooom..

i used to accomplish the same thing with a 'whistling pete' firework. get pliers and crush the powder all up so there's generous air in between (you want the whole thing to flash at once in there) and seal it up in a 2L bottle with the fuse sticking out of the cap. then light it and get away.

then i found that the littler bottles worked WAY better because the polyethylene was much tougher under pressure. the bang you get is from the pressure of expansion. if it can hold out longer, and gives out more completely, it's more conducive to a loud noise.

trust me, you'll find the right bottles.