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[E/N + 56k gets rejected] I met a girl, what's the next logical step?


I saw this girl today and she kind of looked and me and smiled a bit. She the said we should hold hands, (OMG!) but I didn't know how to do that, so she went away and I was sad.

But today I found a handy guide on what to do in such a situation. Now if I ever see her again, (oh I hope I do!!!) then I will know what to do and maybe she will talk to me again.

I am doing preemptive research this time, because I am smart like that; my sources tell me that girls these days sometime like to be held above the elbow, oh how racy! I do hope this happens to me; it would sure put a smile on my face!!

After this, I get a bit confused, I am afraid I am a bit of a newbie at this hehe, but I think maybe I am supposed to poke her in the eye? I guess anything goes these days, but I think I shouldn’t hope for too much all at once, in case I am turned down.

Hopefully she will be willing to teach me how these things are done, because I am not at all sure what to do next. It seems to require some sort of surgery on my hands in order to be done correctly, so I hope it's not too painful.

I guess you will want to see this amazing guide for yourself, well here it is. I hope that one day you are lucky enough to need it.

Beware though, as one of the pictures is of a woman with no clothes on. Now let me tell you, the shock of such a thing nearly put me on the floor with shock!!
oh, so THAT'S how to do it.

damn, i was doing it all wrong.


Banned - What an Asshat!
Wow, so I'm not supposed to smack them in the face. DURR.


I can see some poor Japanese man having to pull this thing out of his pocket for "Crib notes".