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E-spys strike again


Banned - What an Asshat!

Secret Service investigating university student

Louisville, Kentucky - The Secret Service has its eye on a Kentucky student. Twenty-one-year-old Phillip Bailey is being investigated for suggesting President Bush be shot.

Bailey is chairman of the University of Louisville Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee.

He says he posted a message on a Web site in response to someone else who suggested that looters in New Orleans should be shot.

Bailey wrote that many people were simply trying to find necessities to stay alive. His posting called for shooting "every cop, national guard and politician who stands in your way, including George W. Bush if need be."'

The Secret Service says it'll be up to the US attorney's office to decide if Bailey is charged with making threats against the president. That offense can carry a five-year prison term.


Soul Doubt
I think the interwebs should be shot.

I was gonna put Bush, but then I'd be scared that teh FBI would come to my house :(