Headlines Elder Bush, Clinton to Lead Relief Effort


Seeker of Truth

WASHINGTON - President Bush on Monday tapped two former presidents — his father, President George H.W. Bush, and his predecessor, President Clinton — to lead a nationwide fund-raising campaign to help victims of the Asian tsunamis.

"I ask every American to contribute as they are able to do so," Bush said in the White House's Roosevelt Room, the two former presidents at his side.

Clinton and the first President Bush are to lead an effort to encourage the American people and American businesses to support, through private contributions, non-governmental and international organizations relief and reconstruction to areas devastated by the tsunamis, the president said.

"In the coming days, Presidents Clinton and Bush will ask Americans to donate directly to reliable charities already providing help to tsunami victims," Bush said. "I've asked the former presidents to solicit contributions both large and small."
Bush is such a cowardly peice of shit!

This is the worst natural disaster - EVER - and this little prick sets these two out to squeeze the American people for more money.

He's real good when it comes to spending money we don't have, so he can kill people, but no so good when it comes to helping people...no money in that...